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January 2, 2013
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The kelpie was waiting at his desk as students, some familiar faces and some not, filed into his classroom. His large unblinking yellow eyes slid from person to person as they entered, and his expression was one of forced neutrality for once. Though the professor was notorious for his various mood swings, he had seemed to be particularly cheery the last month or two... But it was obvious that there was something bugging him at the moment. Or perhaps, someone. At the entrance of one particular red-head into the room, the black of his pupils expanded across his eyes, and the film fluttered over the large orbs slowly. Once the thin opaque layer of green skin had completely covered them, he stood and offered the rather crowded room a small smile.

 "Hello! I am... Pleased, to see so many students in my classroom. I hope that we all get to be comfortable around each other as the term goes on, and that you will acquire some useful knowledge from me." He still seemed slightly uneasy, but the smile upon his lips grew as he tilted his head and surveyed the room. 

"My name is Razik, but please refer to me as Professor, or Sir, unless I direct you to do otherwise... But despite this, I am here for your benefit. If you are in need or any assistance, or perhaps some company, feel free to seek me out. I do not bite... Well, unprovoked." He lifted his upper lip to display his long, thin and rather menacing looking teeth, before turning to the board and picking up a small piece of chalk. 

"Well, that's enough of introductions, hmm? Let us proceed to your lessons." He paused, before turning to give them an amused look and murmuring, "And I may be recycling some of my older lessons, so if you've taken my class and received this particular assignment before, please inform me. I would not mind giving you a new one, hmm?"

OTW 101: Incantations.

"This class seems to be a prerequisite for many other courses here, so I understand if you don't personally care for the course material, but please do try your best, regardless. Magic is not something you should take lightly, and the energy of Otherworlde can be dangerous, as best.

"Your first assignments are going to be in groups. Please try your best to make contact with your other group members sooner than later, and come to me if you're having any problems, hmm?

"In your groups of three, I want you to pick out an incantation, synchronize your magic and the magic of your surroundings, and then perform your spell. Be careful of the way that your emotions might effect the magic, or your location. One suggestion? Do not do this anywhere near either the Hexing or Elementalism buildings. There are several empty rooms for practicing magic in the castle, perhaps you should explore around and find one?

"One useful text for this assignment would be Incantations and Spells: Connecting to the Framework of Your Surroundings. There should be several copies in the library.

"Please note that, though teamwork is essential to this assignment, though you will all be graded

((Assignment: in your piece for this class, try to include the other members of your group, as well. It can show them studying their spell, having difficulties with their magic, or even failing! As long as you do something, it will be fine. It might be a good idea to collab with the others in your group, or at least talk over what the students might do together, but it is not necessary.))

[Addanc- 5]
[Aluminus- 5]
[Asmodeus- 5]

[Daniel- ]

[Diav- ]
[Emilia- ]

[Eratos- ]
[Grave- ]

[Ivory- ]
[Juliet- ]

[Lilith- ]

[Ross- 5]
[Sangeen- 3]
[Selorah- 4]

[Versie- 5]
[Zabriel- 5]
[Zenith- 3]

OTW 102: Basic Sacrifice

"Hmmm... Now this is always one of my favorite classes, because it is smaller and allows me to personalize my lesson plans... But I see some familiar faces?" He gives an amused look to two of the students in the class, before leaning back to lounge against the board.

"Now, let's see... First on my roster is Asmodeus. Hello."  His eyes traveled the room before they came to rest upon the strange-looking clown-esque student, and an ear flicked in curiosity, before he continued evenly, "For you, I would like to see research and information about the use of hair in sacrifice. How is it used, and why? What are the differences between using the hair of the dead or the living, the willing or the forced?" 

"...Cierdel? It's nice to see you again." Razik raised his brows as he looked at the boy, before tilting his head and humming. "Well, you've taken this class before, so I'll have to give you something different this time around. How about you show me how the affects of a sacrifice can vary according to the times of day--or, more spefically, with sunrise and the start of a new day? It would be interesting if you could provide examples of your work."

When his gaze fell upon the student, another look of recognition crossed his expression, and he grinned wryly. "Iurichia, I am pleased to see you in my class again, as well. Now, for you, I want to see research over the use of sacrificing only magic. How and why is the power pulled from a person and used to be sacrificed?"

"Now, the last but certainly not the least... Obsidian. Oh." He looked surprised for a moment, looking from her to the other three students in the small group, before seeming amused. "There's an even number of females and males in this class. Interesting, I will make use of that for the next time around... But I distracted myself, I apologize." The film retracted from his eyes and he looked her over again, before continuing. "I read something in your file about water... My favorite element. Research and present to me how sacrifices are done either in the rain, or submerged in a body of water. Why?"

(Aah, it seems you were not particularly fond of the topic I gave you? Pity. :iconheplz: )

OTW 104: Introduction to Magic Herbs

"Now... I am going to reuse my favorite assignment for this class so far. Two of you are familiar faces to me, and I am not sure if either of you have been in this particular course. Please come to me, Cierdel or Ignatia, if you want a new assignment--but if not, feel free to simply pick out a different story." The professor nodded to himself before he began the explanation of their project.

"In old faerie tales, folk legends and supposedly 'fictional' stories are written by nonmagical persons, I want you to find their descriptions of magical herbs. What do they look like, what do they do? How, why? What do these stories claim these herbs are?

"Once that's done, I want you to try and research these plants. Do they actually exist? Are the fictional herbs based on something else with similar magical properties? Perhaps did the story say the herb was one thing, but in reality the herbs have entirely different characteristics and uses? 

"Extra points will be awarded to those who actually bring me these herbs, but please be cautious of anything unpleasant happening if you try to crossbreed plants at random.

"And wary of books that might suck you into the story as you're reading them." He snickered at the very thought, before advising, "Perhaps you'd like to go about this in groups so that you won't be alone if you find yourself in a strange situation? It's not required, though, as there are only three of you in the class."

[Al- 5]
[Cierdel- ]
[Ignatia- 5]

OTW 202: Solanaceous Herbs

"And in my last class, I have..." He glanced at his student roster, before letting out a laugh and looking straight at his only student. "Hir Hir. I'm glad to see you here, Hir Hir. So you are interested in learning about the uses of Solanine and other such dangerous plants? Deadly Nightshade, Atropa Belladonna? Aaah, these plants have so many names... Dwale, devil's herb, love apple, sorcerer's cherry, witches berry, divale, dwayberry.

"As you can imagine, there is so much to learn about these plants. They've been present throughout magical and nonmagical history, used for several various purposes, and I would list off the ways but... I want you to tell me how it can be used. How it has been used. Why? Why does it work, how is it effective? 

"If you'd like to try and test the uses of the plants out on someone--yourself, maybe?--feel free to, just try not to kill anyone. Please be careful, hmm? I look forward to seeing your assignment."

[Hir Hir- 5]

(( OOC: 
Feel free to approach, whether it be by RPing or OOC, if you have questions!

Also, clicking on any student's name will bring you to their application for convenience.

All written assignments need to be at least 1,000 words long in order to receive full points. Make sure the grammar is correct, especially if you're logging an RP and others have made mistakes--you can help them win a better grade, and it makes a better impression on me if you have no errors.

I would have no problems RPing with you in order to fulfill your assignment! Comment RPs can also be used for your grade in place of assignments, but TAKE NOTE that RPs can take a long time to complete, so prepare for those in advance. ))


When you have completed your assignment, please comment it here on this journal with the name of your student. The teacher will respond acknowledging receipt, as well as assign you a grade. IF THERE IS NO COMMENT HERE, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A GRADE.

For the group :iconotherworlde:
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Aluminus: *walks in cautiously, hoping she isn't disrupting a class* U-um, Professor? I brought my homework. It was rather fun working with Asmodeus and Addanc~ I hope we get to pair up in the future! *hands in homework with a rather proud smile*

Yekrutslover Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Razik: *He looks up from his desk and beckons her in, accepting the sheet of paper and looking it over as she speaks to him. A smile creeps upon his face and he hums, letting his eyes raise and stare at her in amusement.* I am glad you enjoyed yourself--for future projects, if you wish to pair with others, it's your choice. You did a good job, though, I have your assignment graded and EXP awarded.
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