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About Chris

(definitely on a kinda-hiatus-of-sorts)

21 / she/her pronouns / pan

I am a young adult that enjoys coffee, long walks on the beach swapmeet, writing, reading, and RPing. I art, I read fanfiction, I lurk.

I enjoy listening to people talk about themselves, I like hearing people's stories, and I like to flirt. I am also varying levels of hella queer. Respect is really important to me, and it never hurts to be polite! I have low-energy sometimes and might be a bit quiet, and I sometimes tend to get sad and listless when it's late at night, but I will be friendly, so don't be shyyy, say hi!

I really am inspired by seeing people with different art styles, and writing, and characters, and pretty much just anything? I have a special spot in my heart for kinda-guro things (not too much cause I'm a big baby), beautiful women (ie all women), monster characters that anguish over their own humanity, anthro-y-things-kinda-weep, magic, the undead. Dark things that are well developed?? Also, just, cute people and things? Variety is the spice of life.

Current active OCs are:
:heart:-Brunhilde / OtherWorlde
:heart:-Theon / OtherWorlde
:heart:-Razik / OtherWorlde
-Frankie for SAINTHOLLOW technically kinda anyways

-I have some other babies too if you're looking for other stuff but they're mostly on hiatus (until the end of time / I find a place to re-purpose them), and I am always down to make new OCs for one-on-ones.

Feel free to snoop around :heart:




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my life is CHANGING A LOT and I am busy sometimes! B) So, sorry if I lag on any responses or comments, feel free to double-message me if you need me to get my butt in gear
:iconmolangloveplz: don't be shy, feel free to say hi, I don't bite!
If I watched you! Or fav'd your piece! It's probably because it's amazing. Thanks aren't necessary but if you want me to dote on you, then by all means, go ahead.
(or use it as an excuse to strike up conversation with me, you know you wanna)
thanks and please enjoy your stay

(y también sí puedo tratar de hablar español si te quieres)


Life updates!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 2:56 PM

Hello, and happy upcoming holidays to everyone!

I'm going to try my best to stay active here, reply to comments, reply to RPs, and art... And I'll lurk all the time, as per usual, but!
With the changes of the new year coming up, it looks like I'll have some life changes as well. :)

I am starting a new job on December 8th! I haven't finalized all of the details yet, but I think it's going to eat up some of my time for a while, which is awesome! The job is an 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, and my commute will probably be upwards of an hour... Maybe two... :X And I can imagine I'll be tired afterwards, so my activity levels might go down a bit. I won't have nearly as much time to go online, as I do now. But I'll still have weekends off, so I will be around!
I'm really hoping to be able to move into an apartment closer to work in three or four months or so, so I should have more time then. But as for now, we'll just have to see how things go! 

My father and stepmother are divorcing so a lot of things have been changing lately, but I am really excited to have this help me get back on my feet. I am nervous about a new work atmosphere and I think I need a new wardrobe? And the company is really big and most of my peers will be older and more experienced and educated than me? I've got a lot of things on my mind about this and could probably ramble endlessly about all sorts of things--
But it should be okay!

So wish me luck, and please help me not be a nervous mess. Check up on me if my RPs or trades are slow, have mercy if my posts are not as good as normal, and please understand if I'm acting weird. Because I am frazzled. Excited! But frazzled.

Grown up life is really intimidating.

But anyways, yeah, I'll try to keep up, apologies for any lags, please endure and RP with me anyways. ;D
Thanks guys!

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SHD 203 / let's inflict fake wounds on friends! by Yekrutslover
SHD 203 / let's inflict fake wounds on friends!
(Mature warning for blood but let's be real guys, it's not very gore-y so don't worry)

"Heeeeey Zee, buddy, do you think you could help me out with an assignment?" The changeling had found his friend sitting outside again, and he all but pounced on the youkai eagerly. His friend had been rather popular lately... Or maybe Zee was just spending a lot of time hanging around Rose... And Theon wasn't jealous or anything! Nor was he feeling neglected! He was just a bit anxious sometimes when Zee wasn't around him, and what with them in different dorm buildings and classes, he had to make an effort to seek his friend out.

And they were pretty close, the two guys, despite how annoying Zee though Theon was. The youkai lifted a single eyelid to peer at Theon and smirk at him at the question, before waving his hand, seeming lazy and disinterested... But Theon knew better.

"Yeah, sure, I can help you out. But you know you owe me still from biting me?" Zee couldn't help but laugh when Theon bristled at that, and he continued, voice teasing, "Yeah, I'll get you back for that. But I don't mind you owing me more favors. What do you need me to do?"

"Uhhh, don't do anything, just don't freak out?" The changeling's face screwed up in concentration and the youkai repeated 'freak out' to himself in confusion, before Theon's magic took hold. First came the stinging scent of iron, and then Zee gasped in pain as his skin seemed to tear open and rip on his neck. The wound was nearly a mirror image of when Theon bit him, when the changeling was sick with the consumption, and Theon gagged and nearly vomited at the sight of it. Zee stumbled from where he was standing and fell onto his rear on the ground, spluttering in surprise. Tears sprung to Zee's eyes unwillingly and he held onto the gaping wound on his neck, shooting Theon a baffled and accusing glare as hot blood gushed past his hand and stained his coat. 

"What the fuck, Theon?!" The wound was only there for an instant, and Theon flailed in panic as the magic lifted and it disappeared. All of the blood was gone, though the phantom pain still lingered as the changeling flung himself at his friend.

"Zee! Don't be mad! I needed to practice my shadow wounds and the teacher doesn't like me so I know I needed to do something good and I wanted to practice with you because I trust you and you're my best buddy! Don't cry! Don't be mad! I'm sorry, Zeeeee!" Theon seemed teary as well as he clung to his friend, and the youkai shoved at Theon feebly, but the changeling didn't budge. Theon was like a leech, and Zee grunted irritably, giving up and hugging his friend back.

"I wasn't crying," Zee protested, rubbing at his face with a hand as he growled lowly. "And of course I'm mad, Theon, that hurt!" But one look at Theon's big teary eyes and his anger faltered. 'Damnit,' he thought to himself. He had a hard time staying mad at Theon, and he couldn't handle it when his friend cried. "Shut up, ok? Don't be annoying. It's fine, but you owe me, you brat."

Relieved and still a bit shaken, Theon buried his face against Zee's neck and held him tightly. His illusion was a lot better than he thought, because the hot coppery smell of blood still lingered in his nose, and it made his head spin. "Zeeeeee, I'm sorry!" He was glad, though, that Zee wasn't too mad. And even more glad that he could have a bit of alone time with his friend, without stupid fancy vampires around. "I owe you, I definitely owe you, okay? I will repay you with kisses and hugs--"

Zee cut him off with a rough shove, and the youkai ruffled his hair in a mock-angry way. The changeling huffed loudly in protest, and the two of them got up to run around and bicker and play for a while, the pain of the illusion all but forgotten.


Word count: 682

Okay! I really love Zee's design, but I don't know whyyy I struggled with this? I got some new brushes and was trying to play with them, but they weren't cooperating... And I've been having a weird love/hate relationship, and lines, and traditional versus digital? I sketched this out a trillion times and loved the way it looked, but every time I tried to transfer it to digital, there was something missing. I need a working scanner 

But! Wow, I love Zee, okay? He's. So. Pretty. A lot of my sketches were kinda
NSFW. And the crying, okay, I can't help it but make pretty OCs cry. And bloody. I want to practice more bloody Zee pictures.

Zee is Theon's best buddy, and Theon's a bit jealous of Rose. Not because he likes Zee romantically, but he's a spoiled brat who just wants his friend's attention LOL and Rose is all tall and hot and suave and he's like a tiny green leprechaun. It makes him act out, and he really needs to be put in his place, but I think Rose is too nice to do so and Zee has no idea why Theon's being brattier than usual.

I love it.

I should stop rambling now.
Here's the link to the assignment
November Shadowmancy 103/4, 201/3
Here's my other version of this, I have like four versions but this was the other one I was contemplating submitting
Zee Bloody Wound Assignment by Yekrutslover
I really need to work on working fast and being time effective / actually doing good. Especially when it comes to backgrounds. But hey! I did try! Kinda!

Zee / Wasthatyourcake24
mentions of Rose DuLace / Ra-Punzelle
This brat Theon / mine

Hey so it looks like I'm getting close to 22,222 pageviews! I love repeating numbers, so in honor of it, I'll do a kiriban. Whoever catches it can request whatever they want! 
I'll say yes to most things so don't worry about scaring me. 
so what if I have other things I need to be doing
look at all the repeating 2's
Suave charming vamp by Yekrutslover
Suave charming vamp
So Rose is a marvelous character, and he's attractive, this is pretty well established??

But coloring him made me fall in love with him a trillion times over, holy cow, holy cowwww :iconaaah-plz: ROSE. YOU'RE REALLY HOT?

I think I might be physically incapable of drawing without Brunnie sneaking her way into things, but I wanted to try some various colors on her, and there were uhhh... Some of these doodles were taken from pictures / mini-comics that I have no intention of finishing. Maybe one that was NSFW okay don't judge me.

But anyways!!! So happy belated b-day, Michi!!! I had most of these already doodled up before your birthday was anywhere near here, so I figured I would finish them up a bit and color them to make them nice and to show you some appreciation :heart: Welcome to being old. 
just kidding.

OW: Rose DuLace's Application is Ra-Punzelle's beautiful babe
OW App - Brunhilde is mine

//bluhhh. original by Yekrutslover
//bluhhh. original
consumption //bluhhh. by Yekrutslover
Yaaay I finally scanned the original version of this, seriously tho, shame on me
I'll probably scrap this in a bit, but there are a few details in this that's lost in the other one. I really do prefer the edits of the other but this is unedited.

(I should probably be doing other stuff but whatever)


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