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About Chris

(definitely on a kinda-hiatus-of-sorts)

21 / she/her pronouns / pan

I am a young adult that enjoys coffee, long walks on the beach swapmeet, writing, reading, and RPing. I art, I read fanfiction, I lurk.

I enjoy listening to people talk about themselves, I like hearing people's stories, and I like to flirt. I am also varying levels of hella queer. Respect is really important to me, and it never hurts to be polite! I have low-energy sometimes and might be a bit quiet, but I will be friendly, so don't be shyyy, say hi!

Current active OCs are:
:heart:-Brunhilde / OtherWorlde
:heart:-Theon / OtherWorlde
:heart:-Razik / OtherWorlde
-Frankie for SAINTHOLLOW technically kinda anyways

-I have some other babies too if you're looking for other stuff but they're mostly on hiatus (until the end of time / I find a place to re-purpose them), and I am always down to make new OCs for one-on-ones.

Feel free to snoop around and say hello, if you want.




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my life is a giant sloppy mess and I'm trying to stay cool one day at a time B) sorry if I lag on any responses or comments, feel free to double-message me if you need me to get my butt in gear
don't be shy, feel free to say hi, I don't bite
thanks and please enjoy your stay


kinda life updates and FRIEND BIRTHDAY!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 11:42 AM

I have been arting quite a bit recently
mostly bc Brun is a babe
and it's nice to draw a character you enjoy, you know??

~*~On that note, art requests are open b/c why not, art trades are definitely open too, and I'm definitely up for collabs for whoever wants to~*~

Please please please go give :iconcookiecutter30: some birthday love
She means a lot to me and is a lovely lady! So let's give her some happy messages and comments and stuff to see B)

besides that good fun stuff, life has been weird and hectic
2015 is going to be an interesting year, possibly living in a new place with a new job and stuff.
Lots of stuff going on.
Some unpleasant surprises ahahahaha and adulthood besides that sucks.
But! Wish me luck!!
Also if you know anyone that is single and attractive / in an open relationship, you could send them my way. Because. I don't have anyone to flirt with and I need to quench this thirst
dear lord I'm shameless, whatever :iconlazyblush2plz: Or maybe just RPing will help with that but seriously damn.

But anyways. Yup. There's a mini life update. Art things.
AND CookieCutter30'S BDAY
Thank you for reading!


kinda life updates and FRIEND BIRTHDAY!!!
go say happy birthday to :iconcookiecutter30: please
but yes, a new journal bc I wanted an updated one on my profile
and also
bc it's cookie's bday and I want some people to maybe tell her happy birthday??
consumption //don't want none! by Yekrutslover
consumption //don't want none!
This is not just an excuse to draw Brunnie in a different outfit, I swear

Brünhilde is very surprised about the consumption sickness that's going around campus? How are all of these students allowing themselves to be infected? It's really not hard to do some charms and keep that sort of stuff out of your system??

Also her friend Theon has the sickness. And probably a few more of her buddies that she's not aware of.

So she wanted to be proactive about not catching anything, and made sure to smudge her room and sprinkle about some magical healing/cleansing water and just. You know. Do witchy stuff.

Because if she's going to be a zombie, it's going to be on her own and completely intentionally, not because some idiot got her sick for a group event.

I know I could have put a lot more effort into this but I put effort into the face
had fun
and that's all that's important
Also I tried to work on backgrounds here. I really did?? For about 30 seconds whoops--

Baby's First Seance by Yekrutslover
Baby's First Seance
I definitely did not make the background, it's part of the actual official canon pic for the necromancy classroom here ==>

Necromancy Classroom by viralremix

I had a really really fun time with this!! I wanted to try and include everyone in the class but I couldn't fit them QAQ and so Casca and Cathrine were on the either sides of Brun (and I reallyreallyreally like their designs) so I included them and
There's a problem when you enjoy drawing other people's designs more than your own. And I REALLY LIKE Brun's design. But jesus these two beauts--

So during their first class seance, Brünhilde got overexcited and fell all over herself in order to talk to the cute little glowy spirit about amazing spiritual things. She almost broke their summoning circle BUT IT'S OKAY CAUSE SHE'S REALLY CUTE AND HAPPY AND EXCITING OKAY? NECROMANCY 4 LIFE

I really enjoy this character and her enthusiasm for her classes. It's nice.
So now I just need to work on like, making backgrounds on my own. And poses. Crossed legs are hard and I should have used a reference LOL

Bless digital art, amen.
I mean the sketch base is still really obvious and I just slapped colors on top of it and played with it but
I'm happy
Necromancy Assignments - October
otherworlde application \v/ by pockpicket Casca a la :iconpockpicket:
Otherworlde- Cathrine Laveau by MoeMoe-Momo Cathrine a la :iconmoemoe-momo:
(**outfit based off this sketch The Possession of Cathrine by MoeMoe-Momo which was not for her assignment WHOOPS BUT IT'S CUTE SO I WENT WITH IT)
both of these characters are so stunningly beautiful please give them love 


OC Quiz: Queen B (oops and Razik) (THEON TOO)

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 1:55 PM

**EDIT** I was tagged to do Razik's too so I just shoved it here at the bottom

oh no shame on me I did a tagging thing
just kidding
no shame
this was fun!
((if I tagged you, please feel no obligation to do this--and if you want me to tag you I can do that, let me know and I will hook a friend up))

tagged by Ra-Punzelle

1: You must choose only one of your OC's. Do it again if you want to use a different OC.
2: Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3: Title the journal as "OC's Quiz".
4: When you're done tag as many people as you want.
5: Have fun!

Character: Brünhilde

1: Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Are you aware that this question is potentially offensive? *smile smile* My name is Brünhilde Weiss, though some people call me Brunnie. 

2: What's your gender?
I see how this quiz is going to be. *smile smile smile* I identify as female. 

3: Interesting... What's your current age?

4: Uh huh. What's your favorite food?
Were you expecting a different answer before? *bewildered look* I enjoy breakfast pastries, donuts and bagels and the like. 

5: And your favorite drink?
Anything warm. Hot tea or cocoa, coffee, lattes. I am most fond of those things with rich flavors. 

6: Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
...that is a very forward question. Who are you to ask that from me? I might have a person or two that I have my eye on, but I have no intention of talking about them until things come to fruition. 

7: Aww! Have you two kissed yet?
No. I have not kissed anyone here at the academy. Yet. *sly smile*

8: Classic question! What's your favorite colors?
Pink, maybe? Black, and red, purple, anything with either the vivid jewel tones or soft pastel shades. 

9: Who's your favorite author?
In regards to magical or mundane writing? There are several witty bloggers and smaller magazine writers that I quite enjoy, but I doubt you've ever heard of them. 

10: Now what's your biggest fear?
Are you planning on using it against me? *soft laughter* What any witch fears, I suppose; losing my magic? Though if I ever were in that position, I am sure I would have ways to find it again, so I'm not too concerned. I don't really fear much. 

11: *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Have an embarrassing experience in your past?
You're not only invasive, but rude as well, magical quiz giver? What a catch you are. 
I don't get embarrassed, so I have nothing to share here. (And if I did I certainly wouldn't tell some stranger without being enticed or bribed into doing so.)

12: Any siblings?
Technically all of the witches in my coven were my sisters, but my mother doesn't have any other children. I'm not sure about my father?

13: Almost, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?
Morgana Le Fay I can't say I have a hero, but all of my friends are inspirations to me. 

14: Okay, who's your worst enemy?
I don't have any enemies? That seems like such a waste of energy. 

15: What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
Even if that were a possibility, how would that be any of my business?

16: Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?
I would probably take her shopping and out to coffee? Maybe give her a few charms or something. She'd be a nice reading companion, but I don't know what else you were expecting me to say?

17: Alright, I'll contact them right now. Done!  Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Am I not considered a grown up now? *laughs* Ideally, a very powerful necromancer and witch. That would make me very happy. 

18: What's your worst nightmare?
My nightmares are vague fleeting images created by my dreaming subconscious mind, and I don't feel like sharing them with strangers. 

19: What's your lifelong dream?
I would like to be able to walk in both the world of the dead and the living, and unaffected by the grasp of either. 

20: What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
I would enjoy it immensely. 

21: Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?
Anywhere I can curl up with my books, hot tea and blankets. I like the couch in the dormitory lounge, but the library is nice as well. There are several places that are good for relaxing here. 

22: Favorite music?
I'm more than positive you haven't heard of them. *smile smile* But I like an array of music. Instrumental pieces and old folk music make for wonderful background noise. 

23: Do you have any friends?
I have a lot of friends, I am a very friendly person. Why, were you looking to expand your social circle? 

24: Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Studying? Socializing, people-watching? That makes me sound dreadfully boring, I'm afraid. I have no juicy gossip for you. Yet. 

25: We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT!
Me? I do have a few requests... Tishna and Casca, perhaps?

Blubblub I don't normally do these because I don't have people to tag! But I do this time! And requested characters for you to do it for, but please don't feel obligated to. 

:iconsoapiesthorse: with your beau witchy babe Tishna
:iconpockpicket: with the too cute Casca
:iconpiyos-adoptables: with Koba because Theon definitely wants to know more about him like the nosy brat he is
:iconselfystuff: with Malaya oh pleasepleaseplease
:iconrndom-obsessions: for Pet I miss him and want to be nosy if you don't mind
Aaaand :iconviralremix: with literally anyone but you know Theon has interest in Sinclair's answers so do with that knowledge what you will

(jump to Brun?) / (jump to Theon?)
So yeah also
tagged by viralremix to invade my poor Razik's privacy
Character: Razik (it badly needs an update sob)

1: Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
My name is Razik, and... I don't really have any nicknames. Perhaps Rapunzik? *muses* Does Professor count as a nickname?

2: What's your gender?
...Male. I am a shifter so physically it could be a fluid thing, but male, yes, I am male. 

3: Interesting... What's your current age?
I'm very old! I don't keep track, it tends to alienate me from younger folk. 

4: Uh huh. What's your favorite food?
I like things that are slimy and squirmy, not sweet but with a strong flavor nonetheless... Worms, maybe? Fish is always nice, as well. 

5: And your favorite drink?
I'm not much of a drinker? But I am fond of pomegranate wine. 

6: Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
My lover is a very kind and playful young man, he is very dear to me. *nervous smile*

7: Aww! Have you two kissed yet?
What? ...Yes. Yes, we've kissed several times, we kiss very often, it is nice. 

8: Classic question! What's your favorite colors?
I love colors! I very much enjoy orange and purple, and gold, and royal blue... Red might be my favorite, though. 

9: Who's your favorite author?
I don't really have a favorite author? Most of the things I read are abstract magical notes, though some of those writers can be very fascinating 

10: Now what's your biggest fear?
This is a very personal question. *mulls over how to go about answering it* I am afraid of the phantasms, I suppose. And possibly the shadowmancy professor. They instinctively make me... Apprehensive, among other things. 

11: *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Have an embarrassing experience in your past?
It might be a hard thing to imagine, but I have many embarrassing moments in my history. Most of them are from Hiems, when I was getting used to walking on land... During one of their dances I had not dried my feet off, and so I got the floor very wet. It was at least a bit reassuring that I was not the only person slipping and tripping and falling all over myself. 

12: Any siblings?
I... Yes, my mother had a sister after me. I'm not sure if I have any other siblings. My family and I are not close, and it has been a very long time since I've even thought of them seen them. 

13: Almost, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?
Some of the other professors are very admirable, and the students as well. Their desire for learning inspires me. 

14: Okay, who's your worst enemy?
The phantasms. 

15: What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
...The phantasms have been known to interact with students and teachers occasionally. It would be no real surprise to me. 

16: Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?
I assume you mean to break the fourth wall with this question? I wouldn't strangle her, despite her fears. I've better control of myself. *bitter little laugh* I would let her hug me? I'm not sure, I wouldn't want to spend much time in her company. I tend to avoid those I don't like. 

17: Alright, I'll contact them right now. Done!  Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
I think you intended this question for a younger audience? I am very grown up. 

18: What's your worst nightmare?
I've lived out a few nightmares of my own, so there's not much else that can happen that would surprise me. 

19: What's your lifelong dream?
Is it silly to say I wish I had a family? I very much enjoy children and would like to have some of my own... But my job allows me to teach and help children and adults alike, and that is very rewarding. And my partner is my family now. So I am quite content. 

20: What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Probably cry. I have the tendency to cry when I'm very happy. 

21: Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?
My office is very comfortable, though I spend a good chunk of my time in the alternate realm. 
22: Favorite music?
I love music! Classical Disney songs are a guilty pleasure of mine, but I try to listen to a large variety of music. 

23: Do you have any friends?
I have a few friends. Most of the people I had held dear to me have... Drifted away... But there are still some special people that I hold close to my heart. 

24: Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
"Doing" my partner Ahaha... I like to try and keep busy with all sorts of things. Usually I'll study magic and try to revise my lesson plans, but I also do a lot of people watching. 

25: We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT!
I don't know anyone appropriate, so no thank you? Really. No thank you. *HURRIES AWAY BEFORE ANY MORE QUESTIONS CAN BE ASKED*

(jump to Brunnie??)
Because Theon was tagged
erzanightshade here, for your pleasure~

Character: Theon // OW - Theon (Timmy)

1: Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Theon: Hi! I'm Theon! My real name is Theon and shut up Sinclair I SWEAR JUST SHUT UP and I don't really use nicknames but like, you can call me Mr. T? Big T. Big Lil' Grey. Idk I would like nicknames but most people just call me Theon.

2: What's your gender?
Theon: I know I'm really cute! But I'm a guy.

3: Interesting... What's your current age?
Theon: 17~ *sings along to the Repo tune and bobs his head a bit*

4: Uh huh. What's your favorite food?
Theon: Hmm, I used to like a lot of junk food but it kinda upsets my stomach now. Maybe honey roasted nuts and stuff?

5: And your favourite drink?
Theon: Why did you spell favorite here with a 'u' and the other one without it? *Blink blink* Uhhh... I like yummy drinks. Fruit juices and stuff? Not too sugary, but the good stuff.

6: Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
Theon: Waaaah there are so many cute people here you know? So I mean besides Professor Drake and his reflection, and I mean besides my buddies and stuff, I think I really like Koba? I think most of my friends are attractive, though, and some of them are cute. Really cute. Really really cute. And I wouldn't mind kissing them. A lot. Yeah.

7: Aww! Have you two kissed yet?
Theon: I haven't kissed Koba, but I have kissed a few other people here? Shout out to Zee, and hey Sol that definitely counted, whassupppp. But yeah. I like kissing, it's nice.

8: Classic question! What's your favorite colors?
Theon: Rainbow is my favorite color! But seriously! Uhhh I like red and orange and yellow and green and blue and purple and black and gray and white *smiles like a silly little shit*

9: Who's your favorite author?
Theon: Gerard Way, probably, he's super fucking cool.

10: Now what's your biggest fear?
Theon: There are a lot of things that scare me! I mean. No there aren't, I am a fearless awesome guy.

11: *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Have an embarrassing experience in your past?
Theon: *stares* Wow okay, rude. So rude. I have 0 embarrassing things in my life, okay? Don't listen to Sinclair. Shut up.

12: Any siblings?
Theon: I didn't grow up with any siblings, but I dunno. Changeling, you know? I don't know my parents.

13: Almost, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?
Theon: I'm my hero! Because I have the best taste in music and am totally awesome. 

14: Okay, who's your worst enemy?
Theon: *Blink blink* *innocent smile* I dunno. The man? Down with the man!

15: What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
Theon: Like... Would that make me the man? What's that song? I'm the man I'm the man I'm the man~

16: Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?
Theon: What creator? *pauses before BEAMING* OH! I would totally have her draw me a whole bunch of cool outfits! And like piercings and tattoos and stuff maybe? It would be so awesome!

17: Alright, I'll contact them right now. Done!  Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Theon: Extra super awesome? *looks thoughtful* I'd like to be strong enough to protect myself, and possibly have a bunch of boyfriends and girlfriends and friends? It would be cool to be a teacher here, maybe. They really need a fashion department.

18: What's your worst nightmare?
Theon: Probably being invisible or everyone hating me or something like that.

19: What's your lifelong dream?
Theon: Marrying Gerard Way and Metro Station and Sleeping with Sirens and going on tour with all of them!

20: What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Theon: Omfg omfg omfg that would be so awesome! I would make Sinclair go on tour with us! 

21: Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?
Theon: I like the forests... Especially in the alternate room? It's nice.

22: Favorite music?
Theon: Oh! *pulls out a massive notebook and BEAMS* Okay you might want to sit down and get comfortable for this. So the first band-- *starts on his neverending list*

23: Do you have any friends?
Theon: Yeah! So there's Sol and Sinclair and Zee and Kyklo and Malaya (kinda) and Glitch!! Glitch is cool! And then Koba and Virgil and Brunnie and Alan I miss him so much sob I don't know if he's even in the Academy anymore??? and so. many. people.

24: Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Theon: Annoying people! Or listening to music? Or cuddling up with my scarf and being warm. :D

25: We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT!
Theon: I woooon't, but I hope my friends do this, all of my friends. Every single one. That would be nice.

"Death is not that much different than life--"
"Necromancy is the magic of the realm of death and life and all that lies between it--"
"The past, present and future all ties to necromancy because--"

Brünhilde stared at the crossed out words in her notebook, her expression sullen and a pout pulling at her lips. She had probably attempted to start her assignment for her introductory necromancy class twelve different times, but each attempt failed. They all felt wrong, and the normally eloquent and articulate witch was at a loss for words.

It was not pleasant.

The witch knew what she wanted to say. She studied the subject near-incessantly since coming to the school, because she had access to so much information that had previously been forbidden to her, and there were so many places that she could just curl up comfortably and read. She even had a study buddy! In fact, she had befriended quite a few of her classmates and was considering trying to start a study group. Casca was the only person who shared both her 101 and 102 class with her, and coincidentally enough he was the study buddy in question, but Brünhilde was sure she could find some common ground with the others. It would be beneficial for everyone, so surely it would appeal to them all...?

Professor Raxathiel was surprisingly pleasant, too. He was pretty enough to look at, though it was the pure power that she could feel radiating from him that drew her in so very much. Then again, Brünhilde was admittedly a fan of necromancers, the undead, necromancy, and pretty much anything that reminded her of that sort of thing.

She could control herself, so it wasn't too much of an issue. Mostly.

Did the professor ever offer any extra credit, or individual tutoring sessions? She wondered if there was a way she could volunteer to be his teaching assistant, or something. Or if there was a way to ask him for his job when she graduated.

That was a thought for another time, though. 

"I have always been interested in necromancy." Perhaps if she did her assignment from a more personal angle, it would be a little easier for her to write? She tapped her pen against her lips for a moment, thinking, before letting out a small sigh and continuing to write. "But I have always had little information about it, and my previous studies had led to dead ends."

Perhaps her professor would appreciate the pun? The witch let out a low breath of amusement, shaking her head at her silly thought.

"I could see different bits and pieces of it in all sorts of magic. As you had mentioned with your own example, there were divining practices that made use of death. Our coven tended to avoid calling upon spirits directly, and instead relied on bones and runes when any foretelling was to be done, but there was no denying the strength of necromancy there."

 "However, what I found the most fascinating was when death became mixed with healing and life."

Brünhilde stared at the words on the page with furrowed brows. She was back to the idea she had started with, but she would not allow herself to stumble. It was a clear concept and she knew what she meant to say, so all she had to do was just... Write it.

"From what I had heard in passing whispers and from what I have thus far read from our academy's libraries, it is apparent to me that necromancy can be used in healing in a variety of ways. The most common method is to pull from the spirit or steal life energy in exchange to renew the flesh and restore the body. It is a balancing act of life and death, a thing of equal exchange, and does make sense. However, I do believe there are better ways to go about healing than by stealing away from your opportunity to live."

"And not just by stealing life away from other people in order to do the healing you desire." Brunnie laughed a bit at that, but it wasn't really a funny topic. It was a dark thought, selfish, but it was the first thing that came to mind when she had heard of that sort of healing. Why suffer unnecessarily if one could avoid it? She wasn't interested in necromancy because she wanted to live a shorter life, after all. No, there was a way to straddle the line between life and death, and she would very willingly do so.

"It is also possible to preserve things in death, with death itself. Mummification, embalming, taxidermy, vampirism... Even zombies, to an extent, show this." She thought of Gorduelle, the zombie that she shared her 101 class with, and wondered if he had ever considered trying to stop his body from further decaying with necromancy. Or was it even an issue with him? Maybe he was taking a medical class or something, and was already looking to repair his body. She'd have to ask him the next time they were together... Though she thought he had a perfectly fine body. 

Willing away the rosy blush from her cheeks, Brünhilde continued to write, pleased that the right words were finally coming to her.

"Necromancy can encompass decay, the tearing and rending of flesh, the spilling and curdling of blood. It can also undo these things to some extent, from what I've seen. There is, of course, always a cost to this sort of magic..." Wasn't there? Maybe Professor Raxathiel would teach his students how to use necromancy with no detrimental affects. That would be lovely. "But some would be very willing to pay that price. Besides, the various states of undeath are similar enough to the various states of life that there is hardly a difference. Necromancy can be used as a more efficient, quicker, and more permanent sort of healing."

"At least, that's what I've seen many texts hint at. I've been unable to test out any of these things on my own, and I'm not willing to be so recklessly stupid." The desire to be that stupid was there, though, and it was a very strong feeling. Brünhilde had to struggle to resist it. "I'm hoping that we'll go over the topic in class, and if not, may I perhaps have some of your time so we can speak about it privately?"

Finally satisfied, the witch finished the bottom of her assignment with a scrawling signature and nodded to herself. For the first thing she had completed for an introductory course, hopefully this would be sufficient... And even more hopefully, she'd be able to get some individual discussion time with her professor. Yes, she was quite satisfied indeed.
NEC 102 - intro to what even
Brünhilde is very fun to write in a way that so many of my characters lack. She's composed and witty and self confident, she knows what she likes, and she has no problem shamelessly flirting or anything, ahhh--

Necromancy really excites her and it makes her ramble. It's kinda adorable.

For her NEC 101, brief mention of Y0uko's Professor Raxathiel, pockpicket's Casca and Panthersoul's Gorduelle.

Hope you didn't mind the mentions? And they're brief as heckie anyways!

Now onwards to more work, hell yeah

word count: 1,133

also this has only been proofread like once so please pardon any errors you might find. I might go through and edit it a bit more later.


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