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An array of insanity (and other such nonsense)

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DA has a large interesting array of artwork, and I have an interest in a large variety of art, so it works out just fine. Some things are NSFW. Some is just bad art. All of it has a place in my heart... maybe? Idk what do you want from me


to do list

mostly so I can remind myself of what I need to do
what I would do
if I could
force myself to do it, you know?
(I bet having RPs would inspire me to be productive, just saying)

item #1- revise my to-do list
item #2- actually work on my to-do list

-Collab assignment with sundayAnarchy / gotta color those pages / Theon SHD 10?
-Theon SHD 10? assignment, the bondage one Nahh I'm just gonna do next month's assignment for him Cool beans, I love collabs, I just need to log it and get a word count and post it up
-Razik's princess pin-up calender page
-->setting up the calender event, maybe??
-Start next month's assignment journal for Magical Linguistics / Razik (gotta make it cool) yeah no I was late with that. I need to maybe make a skeleton for next term? Idk man idk
-I feel like I'm forgetting something please someone help me
-Oh! Yes, coloring the cute comic by Angel of Alan and Theon
-also draw Theon in that outfit design by Nekomiira ye
-also draw Theon in that collar from Krowe ehuehue

Other stuff
-draw Frankie in different outfits looking hot and looking bloody and just being great
-start RPs for her asap
-Make a new journal
-Update my page cause it looks ranky
-Make a new ID? Maybe? I got that sketchy selfie shit and that is good enough, I need to try to not draw myself and instead draw other stuff whoops
-then get ready to art for that group
-also a character swap for Devina
-and a few other people
-like damn
-assuming they still want to do them
-also, waiting on Cookie's collab lines

I feel like I'm forgetting some stuff


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United States
I struggle when reading small/subscript text (because I am nearly blind) so please be merciful (and/or courteous) and type to me with some big-ass lettering, thanks

About Chris

(kinda on a hiatus?)

~*~ welcome to the page of the lurking hermit ~*~

~*~ 21 / she/her pronouns / pan ~*~

I am a young adult that enjoys coffee, long walks on the beach swapmeet, writing, reading, and RPing. I art, I read fanfiction, I lurk.

I enjoy listening to people talk about themselves, I like hearing people's stories, and I like to flirt. I am also varying levels of hella queer. Respect is really important to me, and it never hurts to be polite!

Current active OCs are:
-Theon / OtherWorlde
-Razik / OtherWorlde
-Frankie for SAINTHOLLOW technically anyways

-Dillon, Moira and Step are currently on reserve / hiatus, but available upon request I guess? And I have some other babies too if you're looking for other stuff, or am always down to make new OCs for one-on-ones.

Feel free to snoop around and say hello, if you want.

I have a few tumblrs - this is my main one. Feel free to say hello there if you'd prefer!

~*~ I do art collabs, trades and possibly requests ~*~



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Thank you very much for the watch ♥
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aslkdfnlsdkfn- I'm so sorry for the late wish- but happy birthday! :iconcryforeverplz:
I'm so sorry I didn't say it sooner- I meant to but I've been so busy and I hadn't had the time to go online much :iconotlplz:
And I know I haven't replied to the RP- I didn't forget about it QAQ
I-asfdsorry :iconsobbplz:
I really wish I could draw something for you- OTL
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I have that painting at home! LOL
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I never did thank you for the collection, so...thank you for the favourite! <3
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