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. . ~*~ . . . I work and when I'm not working I don't have much of a life :heart: but I don't mind. . . ~*~ . . . I like stories. Sometimes I like people. (I like flirting a lot, but not usually with straight guys.) I also kinda hate people. . . ~*~ . . . Respect is really important to me, and it never hurts to be polite! . . . ~*~ . .

I am overloaded on fluff. Please do not come to me for fluff. If I want fluff with you I will let you know.
Manic / hyper / high energy characters are not something I enjoy RPing with, fyi.
Please bring me torture and gore and maso-sado dom-sub mindfuckery. Please bring me QUEER LADY OCS. Bring me smut?? Thank you for your consideration.

Variety is the spice of life.
Well-written anything will make me swoon.
Character development gets me hot.

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I am busy sometimes, and tired when I'm not busy! B) So, sorry if I lag on any responses or comments, feel free to double-message me and check in on stuff

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thanks and please enjoy your stay


Theon- -he was looking forwards to going into the nearby town and visiting the bakery, and he generally liked doing so- -not as much for the baked goods as the company of his intelligent acquaintance (and crush) Bailey- Hello! -he felt the need to announce himself when he entered the building, unraveling the scarf from his face and lifting his hat somewhat as the chill from outside abated- -it was a good thing he knew so many smart shadowmancers, or else he would have failed his classes by now with how much the professor hated him-

Bailey- *it was nearing the end of the day and around the time when he closed the bakery for the night and went up to the apartment above it to rest* *he was busy counting some of the money and cleaning up behind the counter when he heard the bell ding, looking up and expecting to tell the person who had entered that he was preparing to close* *but then he heard the voice call out and recognized Theon strolling in* Good evening. *he sent a few shadow tendrils out to clean the front of the pastry display cases*

Theon- ...Hi. -he repeated himself and blushed, looking a bit dazed and flustered as he normally did upon first seeing Bailey, before brightening up and looking hopeful- Hey! Are you free right now? I had some shadowmancy questions and stuff but I can't ask the prof, and you're the smartest other shadowmancer that I know? -he stepped up to the counter but made sure not to touch or dirty it, and grinned at Bailey playfully- I can make it worth your while if you lend me some of your time, you know!

Bailey- *he peered at Theon for a couple of moments from behind the counter before shadow porting out to the front of the building so he could look at him better* I suppose so. I was just finishing up closing the shop for the night. *unlike most of his relatives, he had gotten onto a day schedule* I'm not surprised you can't ask the professor, as he was never very approachable. Perhaps you could ask the assistant professor. *he raised an eyebrow slightly at the last part, munching on a pastry while he waited for Theon's question*

Theon- -he always did enjoy how focused and intense Bailey's attention on him felt, but he tried to ignore that in favor of speaking normally- I won't take up too much of your time if you don't want, and even if Kaine and I are pal-honchos, I didn't want to bug him about it. -he shoved his hands into his pockets and shifted from foot to foot- Unm... The first things are more personal, I guess... So like... Shadowmancy, you can manifest shadows wherever and make them solid, right? Could you like... Turn the shadows inside a person's mouth solid? Or like, in their lungs, even? So they suffocated? -wide eyed innocent stare-

Bailey- *he did that with everyone, and it was one of the reasons why a lot of people were unnerved by his presence because of how intensely he'd stare at them before speaking* I'm sure he wouldn't mind explaining a situation if it were necessary. *he tilted his head and waited for the question before blinking and frowning slightly in thought* Yes, you can solidify shadows, but generally you do so by touching it. You could solidify something in someone's mouth but in their lungs would be difficult.

Theon- -that was one of the reasons he was attracted to Krowe as well, he thrived on the attention- Nah, I didn't want to ask him, I didn't want him to judge me maybe or something. -not about such serious things- -he looked a bit disappointed at the answer- Oh... So I mean, you couldn't, like, manifest shadows in the open spots of someone's lungs or something? I was thinking that using shadow acid in that way would work really well, right? But you kinda make it sound like it's not a possible thing?

Bailey- You could fill someone's lungs with shadow acid but it would likely eat them from the inside. May I ask why you have such an interest in macabre things? *not that he was really against it, but it was strange hearing this from someone that had struck him as non-violent* *clearly he didn't know all that much about Theon* As far as I know you have to be touching the shadow in question to make it solidify, so unless you shove your hand down their throat and into their lungs, it wouldn't be possible.

Theon- Umm... And what if it were, like, self inflicted? Because technically I'm touching my own lungs right now because they're in my own body, right? -he flushed at the question, embarrassed and not quite willing to admit that he was just making back up plans for if Krowe tried to leave him- -because he wasn't sure he would want to live without him, and didn't want anyone else to have the chance to stop him- Um... Yeah, no, I guess not then. That's okay! It's not like I'd do something like that anyways, I was just kinda curious. I do have another question though!

Bailey- That I don't know. I haven't tried, so I couldn't give any guidance on whether it works. I wouldn't suggest you try it either because having a foreign object in your lungs would likely make you panic on the way to death and you would be unable to focus enough to remove it. *he would find that awfully sad* *even his father didn't try committing suicide after his partner left him, and Drake was the most dependent person on the planet* Tell me your other question.

Theon- Okay! I was just curious and wanted to know, but I'll just look into other things, I guess. It does sound kinda scary. -it also did sound nearly impossible for someone else to stop, and if he ever did get that desperate, he didn't want to be left alive- -not that it would be an issue! He just thought about things like that occasionally, in a totally normal way- Umm... So I'm taking the shadow acid class, right? And we're supposed to be mimicking carbonic acid on flesh... The effects would be permanent, right? Where do you think would be the least painful place to practice on? I don't want to use it on anyone else to hurt them but I'm kinda scared, could you maybe do it to me? Do you think the professor would accept that for the assignment? -as masochistic as he was, he did not enjoy being burned at all, though he would rather have his own flesh burned and damaged than ever hurt anyone else. He was not a violent person and the very thought of harming others made him feel sick-

Bailey- *it was something that someone else couldn't really stop without digging through his body and reaching for the shadow object. A shadow knife could pierce the chest and lungs and provide a place for reach* Carbonic acid wouldn't hurt you, Theon. You drink it every time you have a carbonated drink. It's the reason why carbonated drinks burn on the way down. Even rain has carbonic acid in it because rain absorbs carbon dioxide as it moves through the atmosphere, and as you have likely noticed, rain doesn't burn you.

Theon- -he'd considered shadow knives or other means of stabbing, but was mildly worried that Krowe would be able to heal him before he died in that scenario- Oh! -he looked embarrassed for a passing moment before laughing loudly and sheepishly- Oh, for real? I mean I don't drink carbonated drinks anymore, they make me kinda sick, but huh, I never would have thought the Prof could fuck with us like that. It kinda seems like a joke, huh? I'm not big on science stuff so I was totally worried it would be painful! Hehe... It sounds like it could be ticklish... Could I try it on you then, maybe? -grin grin grin-

Bailey- *he could always just ask Helmy for some poison, since Helmy hated him anyway and wouldn't mind assisting him in suicide by giving him one* *a potion with a pinch of ricen would do the trick immediately* Yes, I feel much the same way, but that's where carbonic acid is commonly found. *generally he only had water or fruit juices. Or vegetable juices, he liked those too* I imagine he's just exposing you to weaker acids to start so you can control them and practice without disfiguring yourself, as students are ultimately not very good at it to start. And I think we should try it on you.

Theon- -like fuck he'd ever ask Helmy for help- -besides, if he asked Helmy for anything, mHelmy would find out and that would be a big pain in the ass- Hehehe... Well huh. That's kinda cool. -he blinked and looked thoughtful at that, nodding slowly- That's... Kinda nice of him, huh, weird... But yeah! Trying it on me? You don't like to be tickled? -he looked mischievous at that for only a moment, before biting his lower lip, somewhat wary- You sure it won't burn, though?

Bailey- *if he drank it fast enough there wouldn't be much for mHelmy to do, unless he got there while he was still alive and cleared his system out with smoke* I suppose it is. I think it's just an insurance policy for making sure that the students don't all die in their third year, though. *he tilted his head slightly and peered at Theon* Carbonic acid doesn't burn. It doesn't have a strong enough acidity to do so. Granted, if you left your hand in a vat of cola for a long time, I'm sure you'd eventually get a burn, but not for short exposure.

Theon- -in an ideal world he wouldn't die, or he would die by Krowe's hand, but hey he wasn't going to think about death- I thought he wanted the stupid students to die? -okay, he wasn't going to think about his own death. Too much- -he colored under Bailey's gaze and shuffled a bit, staring at him with big eyes from under his mess of big hair and blinking occasionally- Ummm... Okay. I'm just not good with burns, you know? But yeah! I have the vial of stuff from class... -he reached into his back pocket and presented it with a playful flourish, before opening it and staring at it- How do I make my shadow mimic it? Does my shadow have to touch it, or do I have to, or what?

Bailey- *he would probably tell Theon it was better to not die, because not dying was preferable, but he really didn't have a say in what others did with their lives* I don't think anyone is good with burns. *he certainly didn't like getting them when he was dicking around with firemancy during his stay in the academy* The same way you would make your shadow mimic anything. Have you tested it with water? I assume you don't want to waste this if you do it wrong.

Theon- -with certain Krowe related things, his opinion was unchangeable. Dying for Krowe was one of those things he wouldn't budge on, not if it ever came to that point- Oh, I dunno, I'm sure someone somewhere likes getting burned? -he was surprised it wasn't one of his own kinks, but maybe his accidental iron burns turned him off of burning early... He wouldn't complain for it- Ehhh, I can make my shadow mimic water, but mostly just the way it looks? It's not wet to the touch, it's just kinda... It feels like a cold mist? Here, look. -he summoned a shadow tendril and its appearance took on that of a thin stream of water, and he passed it over Bailey's cheek teasingly, before pouting- What am I doing wrong? Because technically it should feel the same, right? Hey, can use you shadows as a replacement for water and like showering and stuff? Because damn that would be useful!

Bailey- *he would probably try to argue otherwise - arguing really ran in his family's blood, it seemed* *but he didn't know, and he didn't feel like asking further than he had already* Probably. There are fetishes surrounding fire play, but they aren't something that I would be interested in... nor you, it seems. *he flinched a little bit at the touch and rubbed his cheek* If you wanted to clean yourself, simply turn the dirt and sweat and everything else into shadow and discard it. As for your shadow tendril, you have the first step there in modifying the substance of it, you just need to have it spray outward.

Theon- -he was as stubborn as any Moritz, though he would probably play at being passive for Bailey's sake if needed- -because he liked Bailey- Yeah... Yeah, I believe it, but no way, I feel you on that. Oh! -he pulled the tendril away quickly, looking apologetic- Sorry. Did that bug you? Um, I didn't mean to... -he took a step away in an attempt to preemptively make Bailey feel more comfortable, though nodded in agreement- That's a good idea, I'll try that out. But uh... Spray outward? I don't understand what you mean by that, can you show me? Can you get wet then or no because it's just a shadow and not actually liquid??

Bailey- *he tended to do everything in isolation, and he didn't spend time around others so having them abruptly touch him was something he wasn't used to, and wasn't sure if he liked* I'm glad to hear that you "feel me" ... though perhaps you might abstain from doing so literally until I'm more used to you. You don't stop by that often after all. *he blinked black and red eyes and nodded* Yes, you would get wet, and if you stand there in the way you are going to get wet. *he placed a hand out and summoned water with it using watermancy then absorbed it into his shadows, and sprayed it outward* Like that. ... though now I have to clean up the front of my bakery.

Theon- Oh! Oh yeah I won't touch you unless you want me to, I'm sorry. But um. Do you want me to come around more often? I like being around you. -he looked a bit flustered at that, not shameful or anything about the touching but rather excited to respect Bailey's boundaries- -because sometimes he was good with that- No don't get me wet, I'll freeze when I go back outside! -he jumped out of the way with a squeak, and after a moment of being really impressed, pouted- Hey! I can't like, summon water though? Or acid? Or am I supposed to like, remember the way it is to have my shadows be like that and then mimic it later? -he squatted in front of the mess and squinted, running tendrils above the wet mess and trying to absorb the water and flick it about- -getting used to the idea of it before going after the acid-

Bailey- *he tilted his head slightly and half-closed his eyes* You could come around if you'd like to. It's not on the campus so I certainly wouldn't want you wasting your time when you could be studying or something something productive, but if you like pastries and baked goods then you are welcome to come. Kellin works here during the day so you could say hello to him as well. *so that's where he'd gone* *to work with his brother* Yes, you would be able to mimic it later, as long as you study it. It's something you need to keep in practice with otherwise you're going to forget the chemical composition of what you're making, which could be quite disastrous.

Theon- -color rose on his cheeks and he watched Bailey curiously, before his smile fell slightly- O-oh... Uh, the quiet one, Kelly? He doesn't really like me so maybe I shouldn't come around? I wouldn't want to bug him or like, mess with your baking. Even if I would like to hang out with you? -he made a face at the thought of studying, clearly not enthusiastic about that, before nodding- I can practice, but I don't think I'll use acid things outside of class, I don't like hurting people. -he unscrewed the cap of his acid vial and let a tendril sink into it, before shooting Bailey a mischievous smile- Hey. Can I practice on you? Since this one doesn't hurt?

Bailey- Really? I haven't heard him mention you, so I didn't know that he didn't like you. *that seemed peculiar anyway, because he didn't think it was possible for Kellin to dislike anyone* You could hang out with me after work, then, if you don't intend on coming here and helping around the place. *he winked* *he wouldn't mind having Theon as a backup helper in here* *and fortunately there was no meat to be found anywhere* Why are you so intent on practicing on me? You should be thankful that I'm instructing you, shouldn't you? *eyebrow raise*

Theon- Yeah, he got offended at some of the things I said when I met him and wouldn't stop frowning. I didn't mean it the way he took it but? -just because someone had a certain intention didn't mean it couldn't hurt others- -and he was 100% sure Kellin disliked him- Yeah! For real? That would be cool with you? -he spluttered and got flustered at the wink before beaming broadly at his friend- I would love to help out! And maybe you can tutor me sometimes? -and eventual makeouts- -that would be a great thing and was a goal of his- Because I want to play with you and see if you're ticklish? I mean... Unless you wanna do it to me. And show me how it's done? -VAGUE INNUENDO-

Bailey- I suppose that doesn't sound out of character for him. *he wondered where Kellin was right now - the boy usually worked the morning shift and afternoon, and Bailey would come during the later afternoon and handle the store until the evening* *it would have certainly interested him if Kellin came in now to see Theon lurking about* I don't mind. We could use the extra help since the afternoons tend to be a rush period, people come here to get their lunches since we serve bread and vegetarian soups. *rice and lentils was popular, he'd noticed* And I believe I recall you being vegetarian so you would fit in, yes? *he shook his head* I would need to get used to having you around first. Try releasing some of the acid into the palm of your hand. It should fizzle and crack like soda.

Theon- Yeah. But it's okay! Not everyone's gonna like me and I'm cool with that? It's just a bummer cause he seems so nice and I wanted to be friends, but whatever. -he wouldn't leave if Kellin showed up... Probably! He enjoyed Bailey's company and wasn't really avoiding Kellin, per se, he just wanted to be courteous by not bothering the poor guy with his presence- Could I get some free soups sometimes if I help out a lot? -he looked pleased that Bailey remembered- Yeah, I'm a vegetarian. It sounds awesome! -he didn't look too disappointed by the rejection and instead just snickered and nodded- Okay, no worries! -his playful expression dissolved into a look of focus as he brought a tendril of shadow acid to his hand, and then plopped it into his palm gracelessly. The fizzle of the acid was audible, and he jumped with a small squeak, eyes wide and surprise clear on his features- -before he burst out laughing- Oh! Woah! Wow I guess I'm more sensitive to that sort of thing than I thought? Or did I do it wrong?? -he tried it again, and though he didn't seem as surprised, he couldn't stifle his twitch and giggling- Oh wow that's weird??

Bailey- He is very nice. It's much more likely that he just felt off put by you, but he seems to feel that way about a lot of people. He's a lot like my father... he took after him I suppose. *at least Kellin could manage to run the cash register and bake without offending people though, so that was good* Yes, you can have free stuff at the end of the day if you want to. We throw out anything that's still left over so we can cook and make everything fresh. Speaking of which, if you want anything in the display case you should make your claim now. *he looked mildly amused at Theon's reaction* No, I don't think you did it wrong. It's just very fizzy. Study the molecular composition of the acid and try manufacturing it in your own shadows.

Theon- I wish I could make him not feel that way but I know you can't normally change a person's feelings? -he knew it in theory perhaps, but in practice he was still always trying not to be forceful or aggressive with trying to get his way- -including trying to get people to like him- Really? For free? Can I take a bunch of stuff? -he hurried over to the display case and looked at the goods eagerly- Will you grab it for me or should I just get it myself? -Bailey's amusement made him squirm and look a bit flustered, and he felt the need to explain himself- I'm sensitive to a lot of things now? Especially synthetic things in food and drinks and stuff, I can't really drink soda anymore... But I think I like this acid. It seems fun to play with and not dangerous, and I don't want to hurt people, you know?
SHD 303 RP: shadow acid and nonviolent stuff
maybe I should have put a mature content warning for violence and mentions of suicide but it's not like Theon's planning to kill himself
He just wants to be prepared
He promised that he couldn't live without Krowe and it's of the utmost importance to hi to follow through with that promise

BUT YEAH he needed to ask a shadowmancer some questions and since his professor hates him, he went to someone else. Someone younger and that he finds attractive. Because he likes to multitask??

This assignment has Theon determined that MDrake had a weird sense of humor.

Word count:
3675 total
2071 / Theon / mine
1604 / Bailey (mentions of MDrake and Kellin) / viralremix
Mentions of Krowe / not mine
(Also hey Krowe would not want Theon to kill himself and Theon knows that, which is why he's being so hush hush about asking. Theon's kinda messed up, guys 8D)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
    "Buddyyyy?" Theon knocked on Zee's door, having managed to slip into that dorm with a plan in mind. He needed to check up on his friend and see how he was doing, hang out and--more importantly--make sure he didn't need to beat up Rose in Zee's defense.

    Zee was sleeping very soundly in his bed, even though it was early in the afternoon, no longer the morning. Hearing the knock on his door paired with the sound of a familiar voice got him to wake up, rubbing his eyes he walks over to the door and opens it. "Yeah...?" He looks dazed from having just woken up, wearing his pajamas which consisted of only a large sleep shirt and shorts.

    "Hi! Were you sleeping? Can I come in?" Theon tilted his head and looked Zee over curiously, before grabbing his hand and pulling the youkai into the room with him, closing the door and tugging him to the bed. "Hey, I want to hang out and talk and stuff. Wanna cuddle? It's been a while, I've missed you! And oh! I wanna show off my marks to you?" He would do that after checking up on his friend, of course, his bragging could wait.

    He yawns, "Yeah, I was sleepin-," And before he knew it, Zee's little friend was pulling him back into his room, caught a bit off guard. Even though he was awoken from his peaceful sleep, the youkai is very happy to see his friend after all this time. For some reason, they haven't had the chance to see each other in a while. Now sitting on his bed, Zee listens, and is prepared for, the many different questions from the other. "Slooow down there dude, I just woke up--," He tilts his head, a little confused by a question that stands out to him, "Marks? W-What do you mean?"

    Theon's glad that Zee seems happy and willing to hang out with him, even if he woke him up, but it is definitely time for some friendship talking. "Sorry! It's just been a while and I got a bunch to say, you know?" He hugs Zee from the side and smiles up at him, and his face is glowing with a healthy blush and he looks as happy as ever. "Oh! Well I wanted to talk to you about your stuff first because I was curious... Buuut I wanted to show off to you. So we can do that first if you want?" He looks at Zee curiously. Out of all of his friends, Zee wouldn't freak out about his scars that Krowe gave him, right?

    Zee smiles softly and ruffle's the changeling's hair playfully like always upon receiving the hug, he really did miss the little guy. "Hey I'm always around, you can always come find me. Provided I'm not off with Rose, anyway~." His gaze shifts a little while thinking about it, "Umm... I mean since you are curious, we could talk about my stuff first? What do you want to know?" Might as well get that out of the way first, it'll hopefully leave more time for talking about what these marks Theon is talking about are. The sort of mischief he'll get into...

    "I've been a bit busy myself too, okay, but you're with Rose like all of the time. Righttt?" He scoots up to curl up right next to Zee, more or less forming himself to the other's side and smiling up at him happily. His smile shifts and he squints, though, suspiciously. "How is Rose? Is he a good boyfriend? Are you happy? What's going on with all of that? Do I need to beat him up?" The changeling would never want to beat up Rose, the vampire is his friend and he doesn't like hurting people at all anyways, but he would for Zee if he needed to be defended. He cared that much.

    "Wellll... Yeah, I'm with him a lot..." He smirks and pulls Theon closer, "I can still find time for my favorite little fairy thing~." Ah of corse, Zee expected these kinds of questions. It's not like he can blame him for the concern though, they are very close after all. "Rose is very, very good to me, he treats me well and I am extremely happy to be with him," the youkai laughs, "You won't need to beat him up~ Though I'm sure you could do a number on him if you really tried~." It's true, he loves being with Rose, getting to know him, talking to him, kissing him... He's really got nothing to complain about so far.

    Theon beams under the attention and close contact, shamelessly draping his arms around Zee to hold him close and leech on to his warmth happily. "That's right, I would hope so. I'm the coolest little fairy thing you know, too!" He watches Zee's face to make sure he's not lying, nodding his head along with the answers thoughtfully. "Okaaay, if you say so. I thought so but I wanted to check, you know? But I could totally take him in a fight, especially if your honor was on the line." After a brief pause of content silence, the changeling asks something in such an innocent way, the glint of mischief is hardly noticeable in his eyes as he questions, "So, you guys do it yet or anything?"

    Zee's glad to feel the contact of his friend again, not minding one bit about his closeness. "The only little fairy thing I know~!" Well there is Virgil, but he's not little (normally) so he doesn't count. "Now that you know he hasn't mistreated me, can you sleep easy at night~? Oh I'm not doubting your fighting skills one bit~." It touches him to know just how much his friend cares about his happiness, never once did he ever think a friend would care for him so much in the past. He too enjoys the small moment of silence, until Theon asks THAT question, making his face turn an uncomfortable shade of red. "N... No!... Not yet, anyway...." Voice trails off.

    "Well even if you knew a hundred billion trillion little fairy things I would still be the coolest." He nods in agreement with his own words, and nods more when Zee speaks as well, his head bobbing easily into a sort of soothing rhythm. "I gueeeess so, maybe. I wanna be kept up to date on your stuff, too, how your dates go and when he does nice stuff for you. I want to hear about your happy stuff, it's important to me?" Zee's happiness is very important to the changeling, but his embarrassment is hilarious, and it makes Theon cackle deviously. "What? Oh my god why are you being so shy, I thought you do that sort of stuff all the time? It's not like you're a virgin?" And then, oh so casually, he just slipped in the words, "I mean I'm not either anymore, so you can be honest with me, bro, it's all good."

    "Yes, and the most annoying~." Zee had to fit that in somewhere obviously, he can't have a conversation with Theon and not call him annoying. "Don't worry, don't worry I'll be sure to keep you up to date when I can," he pets Theon's hair gently while speaking, his smile growing, "The important stuff anyway..." The youkai huffs immediately at his friend's laughing, "Yes that's all true but... It's different with Rose, you know? Since I actually really like him it'll mean more when---," his gaze shifts down to his friend, tone of voice changing completely to that of a suspicious one, "... Huh? What do you mean you aren't a virgin anymore...?" Since when was Theon in a relationship?

    "Annoying, awesome, I know that means the same thing to you." He grins at that, clearly not bothered. Zee likes him and hangs out with him so he knows he can't be all too annoying to the youkai! "Please do, I wanna hear your stuff and be happy for you, it's awesome that you guys stopped playing around and made it official. I'm happy for you a lot!" He squirms about and snickers at Zee's huffing, nudging at his hand playfully. "Yeah yeah, you're such a big sap, it's so funny. Cute too! I bet Rose loves it, heh..." Though the question makes him blush brightly, and he reaches to hold the collar at his throat and grin, looking very pleased with himself. "I definitely mean what I said. If we talked more often then you'd probably already know, huh?" But it is clear that even if he wants to gush about the person he's seeing, he is trying to get Zee to bug him and ask more questions before he starts to talk about it.

    "All I know is whenever I say annoying, you hear awesome~," Zee knows Theon wouldn't be upset at all with being called annoying, it seems as if he even sees it as some sort of endearing term. And it's not like he wants to hurt his friend's feelings. "Of corse I'm gonna tell you stuff! What kind of friend would I be if I left you outta the loop, huh~?" He continues his huffy/embarrassed expression and sighs, "Hush Theon... And yes he does think I'm cute..." And pretty. The youkai is... Completely surprised to say the least, that his little friend was able to find someone so fast. "Oh shut up about that, I told you you can always come and find me." He says innocently. "So this person that you lost it to..." His gaze becomes slightly concerned at the sight of the collar, showing this person might be rather possessive. "Tell me more...?"

    "Because I can hear the true words your heart is saying." Theon reaches out to press his hand to Zee's chest, trying his best to seem serious and not grin or giggle like he wanted to. "Mmm... Okay. Good. I know Rose is all handsome and charming and stuff but we're still friends, you can't just forget me because you have a hot boyfriend, okay?" He's teasing Zee mostly though, and he can't help but tease the youkai when he's so easy to rile up. He pokes at his friend a little, though falters a bit at the surprise on the other's face. Is it seriously so surprising that he found someone to be with? How rude! "Friendship goes both ways though Zee, if you never come find me how can I be sure you actually ever want me around?" The changeling doesn't seem to mind lulls between their interactions, though, and never shows any sort of neglect from being left alone so long. "Mmm... Krowe is perfect. I love him." He traces his finger along the collar with clear happiness before flopping out on the bed and laying on his belly, grinning up at Zee. "I met him my first year here, actually? Like, years ago? He's the familiar of an expert student, this big beautiful dragon, he's so cool, Zee. The coolest, you don't even know!" Of course, Theon's view of what is cool or not does not always follow the norm.

    "Ha. Ha." And Zee obviously does not take him seriously whatsoever, delicately taking his hand away from his chest. "Dude, I'd have to try if I wanted to forget about you, and trust me, I don't. I love you~." He speaks very lightly and almost amused, not wanting to get too serious this time around with their conversations. His head tilts at the poking, "... I can't always find you either! And don't say things like that, you know I want you around." He doesn't want any of his friends to feel ignored or unwanted. "Krowe..." The name didn't seem to ring any bells, giving Zee more reason to feel suspicious. "You've known him for as long as you've known me?... And I'm just now hearing about him?" And the familiar of an expert student? This.... This wasn't how he expected talking to Theon would go. Really, it seems kinda weird and shady. But he has to show his support so... That's what the youkai will do. "Okay, Theon, congrats on loosing your virginity..." He manages a small smile, "Can you uh... Tell me what he's like? How he treats you?" Zee doesn't know him, he's going to need some more information to feel more comfortable about this relationship. Theon is his best friend, the youkai only wants to protect him and make sure he's safe.

    "Like right now? Your heart is telling me..." He looks into Zee's eyes and murmurs solemnly, "That you're a big nerd." His eyes light up though and his laughter dissolves into little happy noises as he leans in to press his nose to Zee's affectionately. "I love you too, buddy!" Theon just blinks and shrugs away Zee's worry, and if anything, he's oblivious to Zee's suspiciousness as he thinks of Krowe and blushes to himself. "Yeah... I've known him a while but he's always been kinda elusive and hard to get, but I knew he liked me." Then again, Theon thinks that most people like him, because why shouldn't they? "You definitely don't need to keep saying it like that! But thank you. I was so happy, you know?" Though his eyes go wide and he tries to look as innocent as possible. "Umm... He takes care of me good and gives me what I want and what I need?" Zee's actually acting a little weird so maybe Theon won't show him the beautiful scarred scratches that Krowe had left on the changeling's skin. "He's really amazing, too. He's smart and funny and super fucking hot, and he's a dragon!"

    "Oh shut the fuck up~!" Zee laughs and shoves his friend playfully at that. It's not often he finds a friend as affectionate as he is, so finding Theon was really something special. And he's glad they can both say they love each other without it being weird. "Huh... Guess that's why I've never uh, met him. Or seen him. Or heard of him." Then again, it's not like Zee ever finds himself hanging around experts ever, or their familiars. "Well how do you want me to say it?" His expression deadpans for a moment while saying that. "Can you be less vague please?" He raises an eyebrow, "How does he treat you exactly?" Then something from earlier comes to Zee's mind that Theon mentioned earlier, "And the marks you told me about earlier..."

    "Hehehe you can't even deny it though!" He tugs up his scarf to hide his face when Zee shoves at him and laughs gleefully, winding his legs around one of Zee's and tugging his friend close while giggling all the while. It's an easy comfort they have together as friends, and Theon is very appreciative of it. "Yeah... He's not sure social, I think he's a bit shy. It's cute. And Alan, the guy he's a familiar to, Alan is awesome and super nice." His expression screws up in  mild embarrassment and he shoves his hands into Zee's face, now with him huffing. "I dunno! That we went all the way? I dunno?? But uh... He... I want this, okay, so don't freak out? I asked him for everything he's given me?" He pulls his scarves back up to hide his face, not willing to meet Zee's gaze as he mumbles, "I'm his pet. And he's left me some marks and scars and I'm really proud and happy to have them. Don't freak out though??"

    Zee scratches behind his head while listening to the changeling speak, still trying to get a feel for what this relationship is like. "Alright, okay then... At least they're both nice and as long as he isn't doing anything to you that you didn't ask for...?" It all just sounds very strange to the youkai, and he's seen a lot of strange shit in his days. "Psh! How is that any better at all?" He smirks and shoos Theon's hands away from his face, then his smirk fades gradually while hearing his friend's next words. "Wha..." What? He frowns, "His pet? Theon..." At this point... Considering all the additional information he was given by the changeling himself... How can he not freak out? "That... That doesn't sound healthy at all! I know you like pain and all that but... Dude!"

    "It's good, they're good guys, I trust them. They're as trustworthy as you or me?" Zee's approval means a lot to him, and he would think that out of all of his friends the youkai would understand and accept some violence in a relationship the most. "It is way better, okay? It sounds cooler! Saying it the other way makes me sound like a baby??" He moves his hand from Zee's face to his chest, and clings to the other's shirt with a tight grip. "Yes, that's what I said, okay?" He pulls back a bit so he can look Zee in the face, clearly upset. "I love him! And it's what I want! And he makes sure that I'm cleaned up and warm and hydrated and stuff, he's actually a good guy?" Theon couldn't even pretend the relationship was healthy, though, and even Krowe was unnerved by how much violence the changeling craved.

    "If you say so... I trust your judgement.... Maybe." He feels extremely uneasy not knowing either of them, especially Krowe. With Rose, Theon was able to meet him very easily, he even met him prior to knowing about Zee's crush. "Either way it sounds pretty PG to me." He shrugs. "..." The youkai gives his friend silence so he can hear his whole spiel, and he does not agree with it one bit. It only makes him even more worried... Theon could really get hurt here, badly. "How much did he hurt you, Theon?" He looks directly into his friend's eyes, clearly concerned. It all seemed to strange and fucked up, the collar, the possessiveness, Theon being referred to as a "pet" and somehow being okay with it.

    "Oh my god, trust my judgement, I have the best judgement!" Theon has horrible judgement sometimes, it helps that he is a reckless thrill seeking brat, but it is obvious that he trusts Alan and Krowe. He had met them before he even met Zee, and even if they weren't around often, the changeling was dedicated to his friends. "PG can still be cool, okay, not everyone needs to talk like it's a rated NC17 movie!" That flusters him even more, and when Zee looks him straight in the eyes, he rolls over to shove his face into the bed, avoidant and shy. "I don't wanna tell you TMI, okay. Krowe's a good guy. He even is okay with me being polyamorous, and like, he's never hurt me too much, I'm always able to take it!" Barely, but Zee doesn't need to know that. Nor does he need to see Theon's scars, nor does he need to know that Krowe is over two feet taller than Theon and the size difference alone should have killed the changeling but he is a little trooper.

    "I don't completely trust it, and I don't know these people..." His eyes roll, "You have to understand why I'm suspicious of this!" Zee is only concerned, and even though Theon has known these guys for a long time he'll still be suspicious because he doesn't know them. "We're not children," he smirks, "But whatever~." The youkai lets out a frustrated sigh, watching as his friend tries to avoid his gaze. "Theon please..." Zee reaches over to touch his back gently, trying not to seem angry or too abrasive, "I care about you a lot, please just.... You said you wanted to show me your "marks"?" If he can see how bad the damage is, then he'll know whether or not to be concerned.

    "I can take you to meet Alan, then, some time. Okay??" But he doesn't want to take Zee to meet Krowe because Krowe does not look anything like a nice individual, and he wouldn't want his friend to get hurt by starting a fight. "I know, I know, I get it, but still!" He makes a snorting noise of amusement, because he's only barely a legal adult, and even if Zee is old as dirt he acts pretty childish, but whatever. He twitches under Zee's touch before pulling up to stare at him warily, looking defensive. "Well yeah I wanted to show you, but not if you're gonna freak out over them? I thought you would get it and be happy for me?"

    "Both of them..." His voice sounding lower, he doesn't really care much about meeting Alan, he's not the one hurting his best friend. Looking down at the changeling he nods, "I won't freak..." He smiles, "I'll try not to, anyway. Just show me...?"

    "Ummm, but Krowe is kinda hard to get ahold of, and I wouldn't want to share his attention with you?" Theon smiled charmingly, shamelessly at Zee. At least he was being honest, right? "Ummm... Okay! You said you wouldn't, remember that, alright? But uh... The ones on my shoulders down my back are my favorite, that was the first one I was allowed to keep..." He wriggles out of his shirt to show Zee the scars on his back, and it is obvious that they were made from violently deep claw marks. The ones on his shoulders fan out like a matching pair of wings, and there are a few other pale raised scars that decorate his skin besides that, but they look like they've all healed well. "It's pretty, right?"

    "Theon...." Zee gives him a stern look, "If you were in my position, you'd be wanting the exact same thing." He nods, "I won't.... I won't..." Though saying these words he's mostly trying to calm himself down, bracing himself for whatever damage he may see. And now, seeing the violent jagged scars, obviously left by claws, it's hard for Zee to not just... Freak out. The youkai covers his mouth while looking wide-eyed at the damage, scars aren't things he finds pretty, or good in anyway. He has a few himself and all they represent is pain. "...." Zee looks away, "Y-yeah, right...."

    "Yeaaah, but it's different! I know Krowe wasn't messing around with other people, and even if he were, it wouldn't hurt me like it would with you and Rose?" Theon isn't lying, per se, he's just in denial. And lying. But his attention wanders as he reaches over a shoulder to run his fingers down one of the scars, his face glowing happily. It's obvious from the scars that Krowe must be way larger than him, but he doesn't seem to mind. "Yeah... I like them a lot, and I'm glad I have them." He thinks scars are cool, but since these are from Krowe, they're even cooler. "And I can't really have tattoos, so these are kinda better? You know?" He peeks over at Zee before his happiness shutters away and he moves to cover himself, not able to tell the look on Zee's face but not liking it. "I thought you said you wouldn't freak out?"

    Zee crosses his arms, "Either way, I'd like to know who it is you are involved with." It's not like he's just going to take Theon's word for it and trust Krowe without even knowing him. He almost doesn't know what to feel for his friend, they think differently... Theon loves and lusts for violence, Zee hates it. Sure he likes things a little rough sometimes, but never to a gruesome extent. He's horrified by this. Deep marks and scars, left by someone who could've killed him! "Y-you... You could've been killed!" He wasn't able to keep his attitude calm and collected, not after seeing this.

    "Umm! Well I'll ask him the next time I see him but it might take a while." Theon definitely doesn't want to introduce Zee to Krowe, not only for Zee's safety, but he doesn't want to share Krowe's attention with anyone else... Or the dragon would probably tease him and piss Zee off to taunt Theon, and that would suck. "What?" He definitely isn't going to tell Zee that he wouldn't mind if Krowe killed him. "Nooo, no, Krowe takes care of me, it's okay! Some scratches aren't going to kill me, okay?" The strangling might but hey, that is just another thing Zee doesn't need to know!

    "As soon as possible please..." The sooner the better, he at least wants to know that Theon won't end up dead in the near future. "Theon! These aren't just some scratches, these are deep fucking scars!" Zee's voice only raises in volume, his feelings of concern and frustration surfacing more and more. "How much did he make you bleed, huh?! Did you pass out?" Whether or not Krowe takes care of him after hurting him does matter, but not as much as how much he hurts him during.

    "Ahaha I mean I can't just tell him to do something immediately, that's definitely not how our relationship works but I can try?" He can try to avoid Zee until he's no longer pissed off, anyways, that's his actual plan. He flinches at Zee's yelling and scrambles to get off of the bed, slipping his shirt back on and looking flustered. "It's okay! I like them, Zee?" He looks guilty at the questions. "I wasn't paying much attention and fell asleep afterwards, okay, he cuddled me to sleep. It was great! I don't understand why you're not happy for me?" There are tears in Theon's eyes as he tugs his scarf up over his face. "Let's just not talk about this, you're obviously freaking out. Talk about Rose. Talk about whatever. Just stop yelling at me about this!"

    "You can try, and if it doesn't work then I'll just find him on my own." Can't be too hard to find an expert student and his familiar, especially since Theon spoke their names. "I-it's not okay, he's hurt you really badly! I know you like this... But there has to be limits!" Zee doesn't want his friend to die, and in his frantic paranoid mind, his friend is as good as dead if he keeps up this behavior. "I'm not happy because I don't want you to die Theon!" His own eyes form tears and he listens to Theon's voice, looking at his face seeing him so upset. So he takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes briefly before opening them again. "I'll stop yelling..." His voice is calmer, and cracked.

    "Uhhh no don't just approach him on your own please, I don't want you to try and fight with him, Zee. I really like him?" There were only a handful of expert students and Alan was a very noticeable fellow--Krowe moreso. Yhey wouldn't be hard to find. "It's more than okay, it's great! I wanted this?" In his mind there shouldn't be any of an issue after that, and he snorts a bit incredulously. "People die, Zee, it's okay!" Wait no he didn't mean to say that. "I'm not going to die though, you don't have to worry, he likes me too much to let that happen so it'll be okay?" Feeling a bit more calm now that Zee's stopped yelling, he shuffles closer to steal a hug, not liking seeing his friend upset as well. "Let's just not talk about this, okay? Tell me about Rose and stuff. You guys go on any dates or anything yet?"

    "Chill out... I'm not going to just go out and fight him, I only want to meet him, I don't want to fight the guy." He says this in a reassuring voice, stating he doesn't want to start trouble. However, it could end up that way if their interaction turns sour. "Shut up!" Theon's next words brought even more tears to his eyes, it was the last thing he shouted before calming down. "... I don't know how I could trust that just by you saying it..." His voice gets progressively quieter and quieter, "It's scary... What he did to you..." Zee hugs his friend back, pulling him close, "We had fun at the dance, danced a lot. And we go out to eat together," implying they go out hunting humans together, he smiles, "Nothing too exciting though."

    Theon presses his lips together tightly before reaching to wipe at Zee's eyes gently and press against him firmly for a more soothing hug. "Just don't worry, okay. He'll take care of me and I like him a lot so it will be okay. It's not scary, just don't worry." Had Zee been there, he probably would have been just as scared of Theon liking it so much as the violence itself, but now that the changeling knew it was a topic to be avoided, he would endeavor to never bring it up ever again. "Heh... The dance was nice, and you guys did look awfully good together." He pokes at Zee's side gently, tentatively grinning. "That sounds nice. Maaaybe a bit boring, but nice! I'm happy for you."

    Zee sniffs and leans into the hug closer, his worry still very much there. "I'll still worry. But I can try not to...." No matter how badly Theon will try and convince the youkai that Krowe is to be trusted, he won't see himself approving of this relationship. But for Theon's sake, he will not criticize it. It makes him really happy. "I may have destroyed his feet by stepping on them all night though~," Zee's dancing was terribly clumsy, but the dance was lots of fun for both of them. He grins, "Psh! Not boring at all~..." His smile softens at that, "Thank you."

    "Don't worry, okay? I'm happy and he's awesome and I love him so it's all good!" He reaches up to pet Zee's hair in a comforting manner, feeling sad that his friend isn't happy for him. Hardly any of his friends are happy for him and Krowe and that makes him upset, but he'll just angst about it later... "Pfff, I bet he didn't mind. Besides, you guys are like the same size, right? Or he's taller? It wouldn't be like if you crushed my feet, I bet Rose handled it like you were a feather!" He laughs in amusement and nods, unrelentingly playful. "Yuppp, super boring, but that's okay. If you guys are happy, I'm happy too!"

    "I hope you're right, really..." He wouldn't know how to deal with loosing such a great friend, such a close friend. So he'll ignore this relationship now, wanting to trust Theon's judgement. Zee leans his head into his friend's hand, "He's an inch taller than me, and you're right, he didn't mind at all, Rose is tough enough to handle me~," Zee nudges Theon, matching his playfulness, "We're the exact opposite of boring~. And good," his arms squeeze his friend into the hug tighter, "Because we are very, very happy~."

    "I know I'm right so you don't gotta worry." Theon's smile grows and he ruffles Zee's hair fondly as he pets his head fondly, snickering all the while. "Rose... Tough... Heheh... No, no, I mean, yeah. I'm sure he could handle you, but you kinda seem easy to handle, you know, buddy?" He gives Zee a teasing grin, before shaking his head violently and laughing louder. "Oh I dunno! Boring and happy isn't bad, yeah?" He squirms in the hug happily and presses his head to Zee's shoulder, snuggling him and sighing, pleased. "Good, that's good, dude."

    Zee giggles, "Vampires are very tough, trust me I know~. Hm.... I'm easy to handle?" Looks at Theon curiously, "That's a good thing yeah?" The youkai grins widely, "No it's not, not at all~ but we are not boring, mind you~." He always likes these cuddly hugs with Theon, or anyone, but his little green friend is almost always the one to receive them. "Mhm!" The warmth feels nice, and his tears have by now completely dried up.

    "You suuure? Rose is so, um, fancy looking. You sure he's tough?" His grin grows widely though, mischievous, and he nods and snickers. "You're pretty damn easy, Zee, but it is a nice thing. It makes you not-scary, you know? And I like that, I like you being not-scary!" He makes pleased little noises along with Zee, clinging to his warmth happily. "Whateeever you say. If I can get cuddles from you, I'm a happy guy too, you know? Krowe isn't the cuddliest... And I haven't been around too many people lately, everyone kinda seems busy, you know?"

    "He may look all pretty and fancy, but trust me, I knoooow he's tough~." Zee blushes a teeny bit while saying that, then grins. "I don't want to be scary, not to anyone special to me so that's good!" And in response to what Theon says next, he nuzzles between the changeling's shoulder and neck briefly then faces him with a big smile. "Hey you know you can always find me for cuddling, eh almost always. I may be with Rose a lot, but don't think for a second that I wouldn't want to cuddle ya~!" They don't kiss anymore, though in Zee's opinion, cuddling is a nice friendly substitute.

    "Okaaay, if you say so!" He snickers loudly at Zee's blush and pokes at his friend's red cheeks deviously. He's not too surprised at that, and instead just laughs because Zee really isn't too scary at all--the only scary thing about him would be if he ever wanted to cut off his friendship with Theon. In response to the nuzzling, the changeling squeaks and jumps a bit from the stimulation to the sensitive skin of his neck, before settling against his friend happily. "Ehhh, I don't want to intrude though. And I couldn't want to cuddle the two of you together, no offense, heh..."

    "Oh don't sound so doubtful~." In return to being poked on his cheeks, he swats the changeling's hand away with a smirk. Zee likes to not be seen as scary or intimidating because if people are scared of him, how could they become his friend? But he likes to tease sometimes if someone does seen like they are afraid of him, then he'll show that he really isn't scary at all. He can be scary if he really chooses to be, like when he's hunting. The youkai laughs, "Oh wow wow! You ticklish in your neck, Theon~?" That's what he'll assume that reaction was for. "Pfff!" Zee laughs again, "Don't worry, just know your boundaries and you'll be good. And we sure won't be inviting you for cuddling, that'd be a little strange, don't you think?" Though he feels Rose would object to that idea more than himself.

    "I can't ever imagine being scared of Rose... Or you, anymore. I don't really feel fear anymore!" It's not entirely a lie; the changeling gets nervous and anxious and spooked, but true fear for him is a rarity. Being with Krowe has only helped him lose whatever sense of self-preservation he's had. Theon pouts and covers his neck protectively, not really wanting to explain that Krowe's magic thrumming along his skin made his neck super sensitive, and instead just huffs. Loudly. "Nope, I just won't mess with that at all. I wouldn't want to be around you guys together... Heck, should I even be cuddling you now? I know you two are all mono and whatever?" Though he seems to be teasing, because he's making no effort to move away. Or maybe he's just lazy.

    "Rose can get really scary! When he's angry anyway... And good, I don't want you to be scared of me." Zee tilts his head curiously, "You don't feel fear anymore?" In a school like this? Then again, maybe the school made Theon very use to weird and scary creatures, plus what would he have to fear? He likes pain, after all. "Hmm? Ohhh I get it~." His neck must be an "ero-zone" or whatever they're called. Zee can understand that, "Ha, yeah you don't! And I can still cuddle with my friend if I want~." At that, the youkai pulls his little friend closer and tighter playfully for a moment then loosens his grip a bit.

    "Nahhh, Rose isn't scary at all, he's too pretty to be scary. You too, the two of you guys match." Theon waves his hand dismissively at the thought of either of his friends scaring him, before blinking at the question. "Well, not really. I mean, sometimes I'm afraid that Krowe will leave me, but hey--there's really no worse thing that can happen than if I die, right? And that's not too scary." Then again, the changeling really has no big goals past being Krowe's pet, and he doesn't expect to live a long life... If he can die young and pretty, happy and loved, then he will be content. "Hnn! Gosh!" He scowls and hides his face for a moment, flustered, before squirming in Zee's grip with hardly a squeak. So what if he might have a few tender spots from the last time he played with Krowe? He can handle a hug! "Don't make me tell Rose on you, he's gonna think I'm trying to steal his man or something!"

    "I'll pass on that message then~.  Aww!" He takes that as a huge compliment, and giggles, "Good, I'd like to think so too~!" Zee doesn't like this kind of talk from his friend, they clearly have different opinions on life and death... It makes him sad to think he won't have much time to spend with his little friend. "I guess not everyone is afraid, sometimes I wish I had the luxury of not being afraid..." He's lost many good friends over the years, so the ones he can hold onto become so much more precious. "Ehe~!" The youkai just laughs at the flustered reaction, very tempted to poke at his friend's neck just for fun. "If he thinks you are trying to steal me, wouldn't he just get mad at you and not me~? Besides, I don't think he'd mind me cuddling with you... After all, it's not like I don't save affection for him~." Zee prides himself in having "so much love to give".

    "You're welcome?" Theon laughs at that because he didn't necessarily mean it as a compliment, but hey, he's happy if he can make Zee happy. He's not too surprised that the talk about death makes Zee sad, nor that Zee's afraid (because in his eyes, his sweet buddy Zee is a bit of a sappy scaredy cat, but he'd never say that out loud), so instead he just shrugs. "Nah, fear isn't a bad thing, it's healthy, I think." He knows his own lack of fear is a dangerous thing and he's probably sick in some way mentally, but it doesn't bother him, so he's not going to complain. Instead, he just squirms and whines, before huffing loudly and shoving at Zee. "Oh my god, shut up, I don't want Rose mad at me. I know I'm just so charming and handsome that he might be worried you'll fall for me when we cuddle, but please, don't even say that, dude." After a few moments, he curls up against Zee more and sighs. He feels tired... Maybe it's just because he's getting so little support from his friends about Krowe? Or seeing so many people happy and lovey and never getting to hear those words from Krowe, because he's... 'shy'? Theon just closes his eyes and murmurs, sleepily, "Hey, can I nap with you a bit... That's okay... Right? Just lay down..." And with that, he drifts away into sleep, feeling comfortable and happy to be sharing the warmth with a loved one for once as he rests.
OW RP / don't trash talk my boyfriend
So Theon went to go brag about his super hot dragon boyfriend (that is not his boyfriend) and so he and Zee gossiped about their life and caught up, because they are good friends and the cutest besties.
And then they kind of argued.
And shared some TMI (mostly on Theon's part, whoops!)

If people talk shit about his relationship with Krowe, he's not going to be friends with him, so y'all better be nice.
But he and Zee are still tight, and Zee tolerated him talking shit about Rose a bit (and shit about Zee too tbh, LOL, but they mutual shit-talk, it's adorable) so it's all good!

Theon has friends and he's good to his friends and they're good to him.
But he'd die for Krowe in a heartbeat.
Sorry guys.

ANYWAYS give us some EXP :heart:

6683 words total
4027 words - Theon - Yekrutslover
2656 words - Zee - Wasthatyourcake24

mentions / the boyfriends (or not-boyfriends):
Rose - Ra-Punzelle
There's no reference to Krowe so here's his RPer (look at her great art) - angelz-devil
OW / speedstudy / Best Bottom by Yekrutslover
OW / speedstudy / Best Bottom
For SHD 304: Shadow Stitching; ""First, you will be making something simple for your outfit. You may start with something like an accessory."


"And so this is it! Stylish and not the warmest or anything, but I like it... And it's long and billowy... And sheer... And I'm really tempted to just wear this and see if Krowe likes the way it looks?" The changeling stood in the front of the class and twirled around a bit, his sheer shadowing cape looking quite dramatic... Somehow it didn't seem to match with his brightly colored clothing or beaming smile, but at least he did do the assignment, right?

His professor stared at him blankly for a few moments, before shaking his head to himself. Did Theon's shirt seriously say "BEST BOTTOM" on it? Maybe this year would be the one MDrake would finally snap and kill the stupid student, but for the moment, he simply gave the boy his grade and tried his best to block out the sound of Theon's amused laughter as the changeling spun in circles over and over again in front of Professor MDrake's desk.

I was doing a digital speed paint to try and work on anatomy (and, well... speed??) and was actually going to use this for a different assignment, but this will do just fine. I think I took around an hour on this? Actually I probably took longer because I am so slow ahahaha--

I love using Theon so much. And he's so happy now, now that he's in a relationship with his giant hot dragon guy. But Krowe's not his boyfriend, and he's still accepting applications for friends and more-than-friends 
Okay whatever, I have so much stuff I need to do
I'm so sorry for the lag in posts and everything
sorry guys, I'll probably still be on-and-off active for a while ;u;//

For any of those who might look at my page, I am in a prolonged kinda-hiatus. Posts will be slow and art slower, probably. I'm just really tired and other things, sorry


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Whispers:  Conrad needs help and is going to go looking for Razik or somethin'  |D  If you want, we can do the thang on Skype, since, well, that's where the rest of the rp is XD  I'm savannaegoth on there.  It should show up as SAVANNA DEMANDS RED
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MoeMoe-Momo Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Laughing cause Viral supports the Cathy/Rax ship ♡

\(TwT)/ my life is spiraling out of control with this character but I dun care~
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Wasthatyourcake24 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Can I ask a question? >v<
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MoeMoe-Momo Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Gonna do my best to fonish it tonight or tomorrow! Did you want me to literally linearr it digitally or is ink fine?
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Ra-Punzelle Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May I borrow Brunnie for Rose's SHD assignment? C: You have a choice. She won't :XD:
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