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    As usual, the young youkai was outside enjoying himself, sure it was really cold outside the school buildings but it gave him a lot more freedom to do as he pleased. This being using his gaps to scare unsuspecting people that were passing through. What else would he do when he didn't have classes besides sleeping? Zee could find his friends and mess with them, but he couldn't find them today, either that or they were busy studying. Studying... Something he should have been doing more often, but didn't. Now not a lot of people were passing through, the changing seasons made it even more difficult to stand the cold outside. That was not fun. With a sigh, he laid down on a bench near the trees, looking up at the sky while his needle was carelessly tossed onto the ground.

    Theon made his way into the forests as soon as class had been let up, and the changeling found a nice tree to sit against as he enjoyed the warmth of his thick bundled scarf. He'd been restless, lately, and feeling more aggressive than he was used to. Maybe it was something to do with that bug he gave Sinclair? He didn't feel sick, no, but he couldn't squash the urge to go up into people's faces and tease and taunt them in an attempt to start a fight. He was not sure why.

    He didn't linger in the forest for too long, though. A strange feeling prickled at his sense of awareness, and he walked towards campus... When he caught sight of Zee, he grinned wickedly. He knew this guy. Yes, he enjoyed their brief interaction making out, despite whatever pant issues the dude had, but they parted on uneasy terms. Would the youkai actually follow through on his threats to bite or eat Theon? Probably not! But it made him a good target for the changeling's attentions.

    Theon approached him and stood at the edge of the bench, leaning over so that his face and hair blocked Zee's view of the sky. His scarf fell over and landed on the other's face, and that made his grin widen. "Well hello there. Not peeping on anyone right now, huh?"

    It was relaxing to just lay down and look up at the sky, watching the clouds pass while occasionally hearing the sound of people walking by. Almost peaceful, in fact. That was until he was startled by the appearance of a familiar face all of a sudden. Yeah, he recognized Theon, it was hard for him to forget someone who made such an impression. He was the annoying green guy he made out with, but overall he didn't think he was a bad guy. They're friends, in his mind. Zee gasped in surprise, then quickly relaxed, moving the scarf away from his face to see the grinning changeling. "You're not cute when you do that, you know." He smirked, "And believe it or not, I still don't do that. I still have standards." Yeah, he had standards, or he liked to say that he did.

    When Zee let out a startled noise, Theon couldn't help but beam in triumph down at his friend. His smile didn't diminish, and if anything it got bigger as he snickered loudly. "Shut up, I'm always cute and you're dazzled by my charm." He reached down to poke the other's nose teasingly, leaning down a bit more and moving to ruffle his hair. He really did love Zee's hair. "How am I ever supposed to believe you if you lie about such big stuff like me being cute? Geeze!" He was ecstatic that his friend was being friendly and making no move to push him away or anything. Zee's good mood was nice... Though he wondered if he could be riled up into a fight. That would be nice too.

    "Tch!" Zee rolled his eyes at Theon's words, his words that the youkai didn't believe to be true at all. "You're cute when you're not annoying, which isn't often." It wasn't often because Theon couldn't seem to stop talking about how great he was. What a big ego on someone so small. He rolled over on his side, no longer looking up at his friend while he felt him fondling his hair again. Why did the majority of his friends love to touch his hair? It was something he didn't understand at all. "You still got that hair fetish I see, I'm not surprised." The youkai continued to smirk smugly even when not looking at Theon, realizing he hadn't gotten back at him from their last encounter. He would never show violence towards a friend, not even someone as annoying as the changeling. Maybe he'd just tease him a lot, and make him really uncomfortable.

    "Ehehe, I've been called annoying so many times that I'm starting to feel like it's my name." Theon didn't seem too bothered by that, though, and a playful glint shone in his eyes as he continued to speak. "When my roommate tells me I'm annoying that means he loves me, so are you trying to tell me you love me? Aww, thanks Zee!" When Zee rolled over, he decided to try and plop on to the bench right besides the youkai, keeping his hands in that lovely hair for as long as he would be allowed to. Unlike last time, he didn't even bother to deny his interest in the hair, though his cheeks did darken with a warm blush as he thought of hair-related things. "Yup, I definitely do. You don't mind me fondling your hair, right?" Not that he would stop if Zee did. The changeling was a trouble making brat through and through, and his antagonistic nature was only made worse by the way this weird flu made aggression and excitement pump through his body.

    "Gee, ever wondered why~?" Zee believed that completely, he was an annoying bratty little teenager who didn't know when to stop talking. He was not completely bothered by this behavior though, it reminded him of a friend he once had, except Theon was just a little bit different. "Love you? Sure, go on believing that if that's what helps you sleep at night." He was amused by the other's words, this sort of behavior was very entertaining, especially when it was so boring without anyone else around for him to bother. This cute little "victim" should keep him entertained for the time being. "I feel a little weird with you getting something sexual out of petting my hair, but go right ahead, I'm not bothered by it." With a continuing smirk, he turned his head to face Theon, noticing the blush across his cheeks. "My, what are you thinking of now~?"

    "Dude, haters gonna hate, I don't let it bother me!" Theon winked at that, not concerned in the least. He had fun and didn't hurt anyone, so why should he care what other people think? "Oh, no way, it's not the sleeping that it helps me do. You know. Cause people do other things at night too, hehehe..." His cheeks grew a bit darker, and he fisted his hands in Zee's hair with a pleased sigh. "I mean, if you're not bothered by it, you can touch my hair too. I wouldn't mind." The changeling stuck his tongue out at the youkai at the hypothetical question. Zee knew exactly what sort of thing was on his mind, he didn't need to be asking. "So like, what's been up with you? I haven't seen you in a while. Too busy peeping?"

    "Well good for you then." Theon not caring was probably for the best, since a lot of people probably found him really annoying. It'd be worse if he cared. Zee chuckled at what he says next, knowing very well what he did when he was bored and alone. "Oh don't worry, I'm well aware of what you do in your free time. Nice to know you think of me while doing that..." Again, a little creepy but he couldn't help it if someone is that sexually attracted to him... Or his hair. He shook his head and said shortly, "Nah, I don't have that kind of kink, thank you very much." The youkai snickered as Theon stuck his tongue at him, yeah he didn't need to ask what was on his mind, did he? "Still don't do that, and I don't know why you don't see me. I'm always around, sometimes I go out to hunt but you already knew that."

    "Why gee, thanks for your support, friend!" The changeling really didn't mind the other's callousness; he was used to that sort of attitude from his roommate and a few of his other friends. It was a bit funny to him, really, that they ever made an effort to try and dampen his spirits. Didn't they know it was impossible? "Hey, woah, I do all sorts of stuff in my free time, my hands aren't always down my pants. Ruuuudeeee!" And he had a very vivid imagination that allowed all sorts of people to star in his dreams! Theon's smile did falter at that, and he shot Zee an attempted pouty look. "You sure? It's really fluffy and soft, a lot of people like it?" He honestly just wanted the attention of it, or Zee's hands on him at all. Feeling a bit contrary, he tugged a bit roughly on the youkai's hair, a glint of challenge in his eyes. "I'm a busy guy, okay? What with my thousand friends and classes and stuff. Totally busy. Too busy to notice if I see any peeping demons pass me by sometimes, you know?" He didn't mean to be cruel, per se, but he was trying to rile Zee up. Where was the violence? This would not lead to any biting at all, and he could not resist the urge to antagonize and torment.

    "Don't mention it." Zee smirked in amusement, still laying on the bench while the other sat by his head. He wouldn't waste his time trying to make Theon feel bad because it was not effective, so making him feel uncomfortable was the next best thing, because that was effective. His hand moved towards the changeling's thigh and his fingernails lazily tapped against it a few times out of boredom, "I don't believe you, not even for a second..." Voice matching his bored and almost tired expression, until he felt his hair get tugged at harder than he would allow. That was fun when they were making out, but now it hurt in a bad and not playful way. "Ouch, not so hard!" he grabbed one of Theon's hands that were entangled in his long hair so he got the message, oddly enough he seemed different from usual. More of a little shit than last time they met. He bit his bottom lip and narrowed his eyes at his words, feeling a little offended at being called a demon as it was a common misconception with having the word "youkai" in his species name. "Yeesh, what's up your ass today?"

    Zee's hand on Theon's thigh didn't make him feel uncomfortable, funny enough. His leg did flex and tense under the youkai's touch, and his gaze fixed onto the fingertips intensely... Before he grinned and shot Zee a pseudo-coy look. "You think about me with my hands down my pants way too often, huh? That's not very platonic, dude, wow." He unclenched his fist partly from Zee's hair, and his expression was a bit strange; it was hard to tell with how wide they were normally, but his pupils were fully blown, and traces of white or colors at the side hidden by black. His cheeks were dark and mouth open in a little panting way... When he caught sight of Zee biting his lip, he mimicked the gesture himself, his blunt teeth pressing down into his green skin as he breathed out slowly. "I'm sorry dude, I've just feeling really rowdy lately." He might have been sorry, but all that energy was still there, getting more and more pent up. "Do you wanna wrestle or make out or something, maybe? If I put your head in my lap you totally don't even have to move!"

    Again, Zee rolled his eyes at the changeling's words, not bothered by them in the slightest maybe just a little annoyed. "Psh, you know what I mean Theon..." He took note of his appearance, he looked a little different from usual. Not concerning though, not enough to raise any questions about it. His nails stopped tapping against the other's thigh and the youkai sat up, no longer laying down on the bench. "Rowdy? Not sure if that's the right word to use for you, horny seems to suit you more." He said this with a completely straight face, then couldn't help but smirk and giggle after saying it. It's what he believed to be true but it was entertaining for him when he was bored, like right now. "I don't want to wrestle you..." Zee thought for a moment about it, then shrugged. They made out once and it was fine, why not a second time? "Yeah sure, I could make out with you again."

    Theon snickered at the way Zee rolled his eyes, amused as he teased, "Nahh I don't know what you mean, besides you being kinda a perv. Which I don't mind. I'm totally flattered!" The changeling let out a little whine when Zee stopped touching his thigh, but when he friend sat up, he scoot to press right up against his side. "No, I mean especially lately, though. I've just wanted to be like... Rough and bitey?" His face screwed up in embarrassment and he blushed darkly when Zee laughed at him, and he squirmed in his seat, huffy. "Zeeeee..." He whined... Before his eyes lit up with excitement. "Yeah, you wanna? Do you think maybe I could like... Use my teeth a bit, this time?" He could bite Zee's lips and neck yeah that sounded wonderful. His expression was so full of pure hope and innocence, the way he stared up at the other with his big dark eyes.

    Zee snickered again at this next statement, finding it funny that now Theon wanted to be rough. Again, it was different behavior since they last saw each other, but that was a while ago. People changed, his own hair grew a whole lot for example, but it was just a little weird to see this behavior with his normally gentle friend. "Okay, I don't have a problem with that... By all means. It's a little different seeing you this way." He giggled again and smiled seeing the dark blush across the other's cheeks. It was both a funny and cute sight. "Go ahead~," his hand grabbed the other's chin and raised it so their eyes met. It wouldn't hurt when Theon tried to bite him anyway, so there should be no issue, right?

    Theon whined again, batting his hand at Zee in a gentle way, huffing even more. "Why are you laughing at me? Don't be such a butt! Geez!" But hearing Zee's approval of his suggestion made him smile, widely and with excitement. Sweet! He normally was gentle... At least, with new people, anyways, but he wasn't always so soft and sweet. His roommate Sinclair knew he could get rowdy, but he didn't know too many people to share that side of himself with. Out of anyone else, Zee was a pretty good candidate for that sort of stuff. He was torn between the urge to blush shyly or huff in irritation when Zee grabbed his chin, but why complain about a good thing? With a hopeful smile, he reached around the other's head to sink his hands into Zee's hair and tug him close. "Okay, cool. This'll be fun, yeah." It wasn't clear if he was speaking to reassure himself or Zee, but when he leaned in for a kiss--or rather, a firm bite of the other's lower lip--it was with no hesitance.

    He tilted his head and grinned, "Sometimes you're fun to laugh at, your fault not mine~. With that oh so adorable blush across your face how can I not laugh?" Usually Zee was the more dominant force, the one who did the biting and scratching and overall showing the more "rowdy" behavior. Not to say he wouldn't eventually... When the opportunity presented itself he would be ready to jump right in. How long could Theon keep up this behavior? Time to find out. Their lips pressed against each other, and the changeling went right in for biting his lower lip. It didn't hurt all that much, and the youkai wrapped his other arm around his waist, kissing back while using his tongue to lightly graze against the other's lips.

    Theon had a hard time continuing to scowl at the compliment, and so he just huffed out a contrary, "Shut up, I'm always adorable okay? Blush or not, and like I rarely blush, but you shouldn't laugh!" The changeling let out a small noise of surprise when he was grabbed by the waist and pulled close, pushing his body as close to Zee's as he could while fisting his hands in the other's hair a bit more tightly. When he felt a tongue brush by his lips, he grunted and released his grip on Zee's lip so that he could nip at the tongue. It was mostly a playful gesture, though he was a bit rough when he tried to wrap his lips around it and suck--less smooth than their last makeout was, and a bit more rough and desperate in his actions.

    "You blush all the time..." Last time they encountered it was like Theon couldn't stop blushing, and this was no different. But it was cute, so he didn't mind one bit. He liked seeing blushing, cute faces. His hand at the other's waist bunched up the material on the bottom of his sweater while they kissed, and Zee allowed his tongue to enter the changeling's mouth. This was certainly much different, Theon was a lot less nervous and his actions quicker, seeming desperate for contact. He gave just that, his hand already making its way up his sweater going up his back since this kiss was already moving pretty fast.

    "I do not!" He blushed a lot around Zee maybe, but it wasn’t like he spent a lot of time with the youkai. Usually he had too much of a good time teasing and playing with others to get flustered or embarrassed enough to blush. "Hnnn--" He was surprised when he felt Zee going in for the kill and reaching to touch him under his sweater, but he didn't mind, not one bit. His skin felt hot and Zee's hands were cool, but heated him up more with each contact. He couldn't help but groan and sink his teeth into Zee's tongue, not hard enough to hurt too badly, but enough to show his approval at the other's actions.

    "Around me, you do~." Sure they didn't spend a lot of time with each other, but Zee remembered how flustered he'd get. His hand stroked and scratched along Theon's back, deep enough to leave slight marks that he'd no doubt see later. "Mmm~." He moaned softly upon feeling his teeth sink slightly into his tongue, and his other hand joined the one already up Theon's shirt, eyes half open. He wondered if this was the only reason the changeling decided to approach him in the first place, it seemed he asked rather quick if he wanted to make out. Or was this just a coincidence, Theon feeling horny and just stumbling upon the youkai?

    "Yeah yeah, shut up, you're making stuff up just to try and get me flustered. I'm onto you!" Most people blew off his flirting and attempts to try and get physically close to them, but Zee never had, and it did fluster him a bit. He was grateful for it, but still, it was embarrassing! "Fff-fuck," he groaned into the other's mouth in surprise, voice low and gravely from the feeling of nails on his back. He wondered if he walked around his dorm with his shirt off, would his roommate get jealous?

    He would feel bad for using Zee to take his mind off of his roommate if Zee wasn't so into making out also. He did want to be friends with the youkai, but he liked the attention and feeling desired, it was an impossible thing to pass up. With a little gasping noise, he pulled away from the kiss and tilted Zee's head so that he could press a few kisses to the other's neck. "I really appreciate this, you know?" His voice was rough and low, but grateful. He hadn't intended on messing around with the youkai when he saw him earlier, but he wouldn't deny what he wanted. With a little groan, he opened his mouth and dragged his teeth down the skin of the other's neck, wondering how hard he could bite it until the other cried out in pain. Wait, what? He didn't normally like to be that rough, but Zee seemed to like it rougher...

    "I'm not making anything up, just carry around a mirror every time you're around me and you'll see." Zee liked to flirt and he liked this kind of comfort, it felt good no matter who it came from, a friend, an acquaintance, a lover. But he could never seem to get a lover so he stuck with the first two options. Not to say he hadn't had lovers in the past, it was just hard for him to get one since most found him either annoying or terrifying. Or only saw him as just a friend. He took what he could get. The youkai giggled at the groan, amused by this surprised reaction. He rose an eyebrow at this next statement, almost confused by it. "Appreciate? How so?" Either way he allowed his head to be tilted to one side, his nails still continuing to graze along the other's back. Eyes closed halfway again as he felt teeth against his neck, letting out a small groan.

    "Nooo way, that's ridiculous, you're ridiculous, wow. Woooooowwww!" Because what better way to deny something than loud childish whining? Theon had no problem with whining. He felt comfortable enough with Zee to whine or flirt, tease or talk, though serious talking was still a bit weird for him. The youkai was a good friend, a cool friend he could make out with and feel relatively attractive around, and it was nice. "Yeah, yeah cause like... Sometimes you just wanna make out, you know? Without people being judge-y? Hey lemme just..." Theon paused and pulled away from Zee for a moment, shifting so that he could toss a leg over the other's and sit in his lap. The angle was easier for him to reach Zee's neck, and he leaned back down, reaching for Zee's hair again. "And I just wanna bite shit and all my other friends are big fucking babies? And so I appreciate you, yeah, lemme show you..." His smile was devilish as he sunk his teeth into the pulse point at Zee's neck. It wasn’t enough to break the skin, but it would bruise, especially with the way the changeling began to apply suction to the spot with a smug sort of satisfaction.

    Zee nodded in understanding, knowing exactly what Theon was talking about. More often than not he'd get called a whore or a slut for being so free with his affection, people would no longer see it as a special gesture that was reserved for only them. If he were to one day have a lover then that would be the case, but potential lovers got "scared" off by how many people he had kissed and done other stuff with. At least his friend sort of understood. "I get that," he sighed, "It's fine--," he was cut off by the changeling's next actions, now sitting in his lap still eying his neck. "Um, okay... A-alright." It seemed a little off and there was uncertainty in his words, but the youkai questioned nothing. It felt really good when he felt the teeth sink deeper, causing his nails to sink a little deeper into his back on instinct, letting out a long sigh and blushing very lightly as he began to suck on that spot.

    Theon was a rather affectionate fellow even with his friends, but really, he didn't see anything wrong with doing things that were more-than-friendly with whoever someone wanted? No one should feel obligated to stick to being with one person, or having to be with one person at all? The changeling wanted to share his love with all of his friends, it seemed stupid to him to put a limit on love. "I knew you would, Zee. You're so awesome." Even if the youkai were a bit grumpy sometimes, or kinda scary every once in a while, but Theon didn't mind that at all. Especially not when the youkai let him do stuff like this. He curled into Zee's body with a pleased grunt, the feeling of nails sending shudders down his spine. He pulled back to lick at the bruised spot on Zee's neck before sinking his teeth into his skin again, closer to the other's collarbone this time, with even more force in the bite and subsequent sucking of the spot.

    Zee's body shuddered a bit, not use to this kind of aggression with someone he thought was so gentle. And he was biting rather hard, almost to the point of breaking the skin. Was that his goal? Wasn't Theon a vegetarian? Wasn't he completely disgusted with Zee when he had told him in the past that he ate humans? So many questions, questions he didn't bother asking. He liked how this feels, and if it got to the point where his skin broke... Knowing the changeling, he'd freak out and apologize. Right? "Heh, thanks. You're not too bad yourself." He smiled, a little amused. "Haaa…" He breathed, his hands now resting on Theon's back not moving but the nails still sunked in the skin. Zee groaned again as the biting continued, the teeth sinking in deeper causing his groans to grow in volume.

    Theon smiled against Zee's skin, kneading his hands into the other's hair and keeping his head tilt back so the changeling would have a good angle to bite and kiss from. Being this rough really wasn't a part of his nature, but there was some feeling egging him on from within his body, his blood singing out to sink his teeth deep into the skin, to bite, to tear... "Aww, you're sweet, yeah?" The changeling laughed at that, but the noise was distorted from where he was suckling at the other's skin. For some reason, he just didn't feel like he was biting down hard enough, because his teeth were so dull and blunt and did so little damage. With a low noise something like a growl, he ground himself down into Zee's lap as he bit into the crook of the other's neck, and this time he did manage to break the skin. The feeling of skin tearing beneath his lips and blood trickling into his mouth was like paradise, he could practically hear a chorus of My Chemical Romance angels singing from the heavens, and he let out a long, low groan...

    Before he actually registered the hot searing taste of blood and iron on his tongue, and the flavor and pain of it made him gag. In fact, he could feel the bile rise up from his throat, and he scrambled to get off of Zee as quickly as possible. He just barely got off of the other's lap in time to puke on the ground, his small body trembling violently as he struggled to keep his hair and scarf out of the bile. It wasn't his intention to ignore his friend, but he was obviously shaken, and there were tears in his eyes as he vomited a second time.

    "Heh... Aren't I~?" His smile slowly turned to a small frown, his eyes shut briefly and he bit down on his bottom lip once more. That actually... Hurt. It hurt a lot in fact. "H... Hey Theon, maybe you shouldn't bite too hard?" Zee liked this new sort of aggression the changeling was suddenly showing, but with each and every movement it started to rub him the wrong way. It was out of place, and the rougher and rougher it got, the more he started to wonder if his friend was okay. Hearing the growl, he felt the lips move to the crook of his neck, a particularly sensitive part of his body. He gasped, feeling the teeth tear through his flesh, he expected Theon to move away right then but... He didn't. The blood trickled down his neck and into the other's mouth and he didn't seem to mind, the loud groan making it seem as if he was enjoying the taste. His nails unhooked from the skin on the other's back. The youkai was frozen in place, until his friend realized what he had done and got off of his lap immediately. Still Zee didn't speak, rather he moved his hand up to his neck and felt the warm fluid beneath his fingertips. He did this... Theon bit through his skin, the small, trembling changeling before him bit into his flesh until it bled. "Son of a bitch..." he whispered, then looked back over at the younger boy, who seemed to be scarred from this experience. He slowly reached out a hand, looking with a concerned expression. "... You feeling okay?"

    It took Theon a few moments to register where he was or what he was doing, because the taste of blood and vile in his mouth was so horribly distracting, and his head was throbbing and mind spinning and he felt so hungry--

    He jerked back and flinched when Zee spoke, eyeing the other's hand warily for a few moments before wiping at his eyes first, and then his mouth. He felt really gross, and really bad, and he just ruined a perfectly good make out session by throwing up, how rude! Hopefully he didn't upset Zee too much, though.

    Once he was sure he could speak without any gasping hiccupy sobs, he tried to shoot the other a smile. It came out weak. "Shit, I-I'm sorry, I don't... Sorry, I... That wasn't what I meant to do?" His voice was hoarse and he was still crying, but he couldn't stop, and it was rather embarrassing. "I think I need to take a rain check and, like, go to bed. Or something. The flu, you know?" Obviously the flu didn't make people chomp into other people's flesh like a zombie, but that sounded like a pretty good excuse to Theon. Hopefully Zee would buy it.

    The new wound on his neck continued to bleed slowly, running down his neck and his hand reached up to it so the blood doesn't travel far down his shirt. It stung, it hurt really badly... He was going to have to get bandages and disinfectant, since Theon's saliva on its own could cause an infection. And he had already had an infection at the school, that wasn't fun at all. "The... The flu?!" Zee managed to sound a little mad when he spoke, because he was. He just got bitten by one of his friends and it hurt like a bitch. And his friend was blaming it on the flu. "I wish I could say that it's fine, but it's not! Really, it's not! ..." The youkai didn't know what to do with the other, he was really big on revenge but Theon looked so pitiful right now that he didn't want to even touch him. "Why did you do that?!"

    Theon very pointedly avoided looking at Zee, and instead just kept his gaze fixed on the ground. He was still shaking and he felt like he's going to pass out, but he couldn't just leave and avoid his friend, not until things settled out between them. "Y-yeah? Umm... I-I can... Make you a shadow bandage, s-so you won't be bleeding... On your way to the infirmary?" He grabbed his scarf and pulled it up, wrapping it around the lower part of his face and curling in on himself. "You tasted so good. I-I couldn't help myself." In fact, he could still taste Zee in his mouth, even through all of the blood and vomit and salt of his tears, and it was making him strangely aroused. He still felt horribly sick though, and the combination of the two feelings was not pleasant. "C-can I just... Make it up to you later?" All he wanted to do was leave.

    "Sure... I'd like that." Zee tried to calm down, to not be mad, but it was difficult considering the circumstances. He had heard about people in the school, students and teachers alike, becoming sick with some sort of weird virus. Not knowing what it did exactly, he wasn't concerned. But now seeing his friend this... Is this what it did? "You... You have that weird sickness, don't you?" Did Zee have it now too? How disturbing to hear that coming from Theon, how his blood tasted so good, that was not the type of creature Theon was. Not wanting to voice his anger, he let out a sigh and closed his eyes briefly to calm himself. "Yeah don't worry about that now, I'll give you a few days. I'll think of something for sure..." He didn't want the changeling to be completely traumatized right then, what may happen in the future though is the youkai biting Theon back just out of spite.

    Theon's hands were shaking when he lifted them and made the thin shadow appear around the other's neck, and his face was screwed up in concentration. He really hadn't learned too much about the shadow bandages yet, they were only in the first lesson of the class, but he could absorb the blood and make the bandage tight enough so that it stemmed the bleeding... He was not sure how long it would last, but at least it was good for the moment. "Uhhh... I-I... No, I feel fine?" He was definitely lying, lying a lot, but that was okay because it wasn't a malicious sort of lying! He bit down on his lip, ignoring the foul taste in his mouth, before suggesting in a quiet voice, "I mean hell, you can even like... Bite me... If you wanted, later, you know? W-when I'm not all... Dirty and gross... Maybe alone in your room or something..." Because the changeling really wasn't averse to that. Yeah, he didn't like the taste of blood in his mouth, but he didn't begrudge other people for it? With a shaky sigh, he pushed some of the hair out of his eyes and stared at Zee desperately. "C-can I... Just go, now? I wanna hang out with you again but... N-not now, okay?"

    Zee stayed still while his friend bandaged up his neck so it didn't bleed everywhere when he would eventually go to the infirmary, and he should probably go quickly. His eyes narrowed, knowing that Theon was probably lying from the way he was speaking, probably to avoid any further anger from the youkai. "Thanks... And sure, I'll find you in a couple days, then you can come to my room and I'll do just that." This situation was too awkward, way too awkward and messed up for his liking. His pitiful, shaking friend in front of him should leave. After mustering up the most calm and tranquil tone of voice he could, he looked over at the boy with his eyes still narrowed. "You can leave, it's not like I'm keeping you here," this time his voice became a little more bitter in his last sentence, "Because now I gotta go to the infirmary." Yeah, it was safe to say he was pretty mad at that moment. Theon had just infected him with a disease that would also give him that need for the blood and flesh of others. Oh joy.

    Theon flinched under the weight of the other's stare and ducked down more into the coverage of his scarf. "Y-yeah... We'll do that, then. That sounds good?" His voice was weak and quiet, and it sounded strange coming out of such a loud and boisterous person. Zee's last words made tears spring to his eyes again, and he brushed his sleeve across his face to try and stifle the flow of his crying. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to, Zee!" But before he could be called out on it or told anything particularly mean or anything else, he scampered off quickly. He still needed to go shower and hide and figure out what the heck was wrong with him.


    "Mhm." He closed his eyes and nodded in agreement, really trying to not appear mad but it wasn't working. He was an emotional and usually easily pissed off person who would say or do anything to let someone know they fucked up. But at the sight of Theon crying again, he couldn't help but feel bad for the poor kid. His gaze softened but he remained silent, watching the changeling burst into tears. A truly pitiful sight. Zee didn't mean to make the boy cry, it was hard to watch knowing he caused it. Great, now he felt like he had to apologize to Theon. Hearing the other run off, he walked in the direction of the infirmary, trying to get his mind off of what had just happened.

consumption //RP: kiss bite gag.
There goes Theon, spreading that damn disease
He really just wanted to hang out with his friend! And making out is a nice way to hang out. The biting was completely unintentional??
It is nice though, the more I'm using Theon, the more I'm realizing that he's polyamorous? For those that doesn't know what that means, it's that he has the desire to be in romantic relationships with more than one person. 
Not that he wants to be in a romantic relationship with Zee, they're just really good buddies.
That make out.
Okay you know what let us continue on!

I'M REALLY EXCITED. BECAUSE HE WAS ABLE TO DO HIS Shadowmancy (October) ASSIGNMENT HERE AS WELL. SEE THAT? THE BANDAGES TO SOAK UP THE BLOOD? That's SHD 204 right there. I am so proud of my multi-tasking with this, ehuehuehue--

Mature content warnings just for the making out and the description of blood and biting and whatnot. It's not too bad! Enjoy reading~

Zee / Wasthatyourcake24 / 3,002 words
Theon / Yekrutslover (i.e meeee) / 3,381 words
The Consumption (Game)

my other pieces for this event
consumption //start. - consumption //bluhhh.
consumption //bluhhh. by Yekrutslover
consumption //bluhhh.
I was having a good time drawing traditionally and wanted to doodle Theon
vomiting up some blood
it sounded like a good idea to me
(it's not his blood, his blood is green, just an fyi)

And I also wanted to draw him crying because it can be really therapeutic to draw your characters crying? 10/10 recommend.

I might actually scan this in and re-edit it, because I used a cam and edited it from there, but I am pretty happy with this as is! 
for the event going on rn
The Consumption (Game)


other consumption pieces:
consumption //start. & consumption //RP: kiss bite gag.
I have this big old long to-do list for art and all I wanna draw is people crying, Brünhilde's bomb ass hips, and doodles of myself b/c I dyed my hair and my icon is out of date.
the struggle is real
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
    Theon had always been a rather reckless boy.

    Even before he realized he was a changeling and had access to magical shenanigans, the young human-looking teen had the habit of getting into trouble. He would toss himself into violent situations, jump in the middle of fights or creep around in places he wasn’t supposed to be for his own safety. Safety was totally overrated in his opinion, if he had to be honest about it. It wasn’t like he had a death wish or anything, he was just a curious fellow with a strong sense of adventure. It wasn’t like adventure was going to find him, so he needed to go out and hunt for it in order to live the exciting life he wanted! He was young and wild and would not be tamed!

    So when he heard about the sickness going around campus, and that his quiet acquaintance Sol had been infected, he went to investigate...

    …By immediately getting in the soft-spoken boy’s face… And biting him on the nose.

    It wasn’t like it was a hostile gesture, it was practically a soft kiss with a bit of teeh involved, because Sol was really adorable and it was hard to resist messing with the elf. Besides, he knew his roommate Sinclair had a small crush of sorts on his buddy, so he was just trying to spur Sinclair into action with some jealousy. It would be nice if Sinclair was jealous on his behalf, but his roommate would probably play hard to get for the rest of all time, so he really didn’t mind. Friends tried to set their other friends up with their friends. It was just a nice, friendly, friend-zoned thing to do. 

    He didn’t even feel sick after that, though! So when he found out that he had been "infected" by being in Sol's presence, Theon scoffed and brushed it off and just continued to go about his very active social life.

    It wasn’t too strange, his desire to nibble on the people he was around. Not really. 

    Besides! Koba had the best fluffiest ears ever, and he just wanted to feel the way his teeth sunk into the plush skin there. Was that weird? No way! They were cuddling and listening to music and that was definitely a normal thing that friends did together. The fact that Theon wanted to bite the incubus all over probably had something to do with the fact that his new friend was a cute little incubus that he was attracted to and that he was touchy and a hugger who had similar music tastes as Theon. How could he not be attracted to that? Plus Koba was just a really cute, all-over good guy! And the fact that Theon was pretty strongly attracted to most of his friends because they were so cool and awesome in his eyes, that wasn’t anything new to him.

    Maybe the way he felt itchy and agitated at night was strange. Maybe. The fact that his body felt like it was twisting in on itself and his blood stung like poison in his veins was kiiind of a strange thing for him. But he wasn’t transforming into a monster or anything, he was still as cute and awesome as ever, so who cared?

    When he ran into Zee, he was ecstatic to see his friend because he knew he could tease and be mean and rough with the youkai. And finally, someone to make out with, no strings attached! Not that he approached the guy just to make out, he honestly had just wanted to talk to the friend that he hadn’t seen in a while, but when he got close to the guy all he could think about was putting his lips on the other’s skin. And his tongue. And his teeth.

    So the small talk quickly gave way to necking, and necking quickly gave way to gnawing at Zee’s neck like it was a chew toy, but when the hot searing taste of blood and iron hit his tongue after he managed to tear his way into the youkai’s tender flesh, he vomited. Theon wasn’t good with blood normally, even if the constant exposure to his roommate helped dull the sting of its smell, but to taste it in his mouth was horrifying. The changeling was a horrible sobbing mess, blood and puke in his mouth and tears streaming down his face, and he absconded from the situation as quickly as he was able to.

    If he felt a vague sense of satisfaction at being able to bite someone, it wasn’t something he noticed. It was hard to notice anything through the shivering and crying, or the fever that made him sweat and had his thick fluffy hair sticking to his moist skin, or the way his head throbbed with a violent sort of pain that demanded his attention and made him stay up all night, his arms wrapped around himself like it would help keep his mind from shattering into little pieces.

    Theon was really good at staying calm in any sort of situation, and the changeling was so fun and casual and playful that pretty much anything was a game to him! And the sickness that he heard about sounded like something so foreign that obviously wouldn’t affect him, right? Besides, he was a changeling, a fairy boy, any meat foods made his stomach rebel, so trying to eat people was stupid and he didn’t even worry about it.

    The scent of blood in his room was pretty much a constant thing. His roommate might have bitched about the way that his clothes were strewn all over the floor… and bed… and desk… and piled up against the wall in large heaps… Or in the closet… But whatever, they were just clothes! Theon didn’t even know how he had so many clothes, honestly, because he only came to Otherworlde with two large bags of stuff, but he wasn’t complaining. He loved clothes. If he had his way, he’d graduate and teach some sort of fashion department or something… He could educate everyone about scene fashion, the best sort of fashion, and maybe learn how to use shadow bondage thing with everyday outfits. Or show people how useful belts and pockets and buckles were, because they were multi-purpose things and it was really useful to have that sort of stuff on hand if you needed it…

    But yeah, anyways, the blood. It was distracting on the best days and nauseating on the worst, but for some reason, Theon kind of found it to be… Appealing. Even more appealing was the sleeping form of his roommate, huddled in his bed. Now normally Theon would never cross into the other’s space uninvited, and touching Sinclair without his explicit permission (i.e. ever) was a big no-no for him, because as fun and pushy as he might be, he wasn’t some creeper rapist.


   Sinclair smelled



It wasn’t even the smell, it was just the heat that radiated off of his body. Could you even smell heat? And the scent of blood was so heavy in the room, and normally it made Theon’s head spin in a bad way, but it was making his mouth water and he was so hungry and just wanted to sink his teeth into--

    Only after Sinclair had punched him in the face and started tossing large globs of blood at his head did Theon realize he had moved without thinking. How could someone even do that, though? It wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to crawl through the piles of clothes on the ground, and if that didn’t work, the fact that he literally crawled onto Sinclair’s bed and hovered over him and bit into his throat like Edward-freaking-Cullen wasn’t something someone could do without noticing!
Theon was hiding.

    Not really! He wasn’t hiding necessarily, he was just. Hanging out all by himself. In the forest. Inside of the alternate realm, which was inside the castle, which not many people knew existed, apparently? But just because he was intentionally in a place that very few people knew about so that he could be alone didn’t mean that he was hiding.

    It felt natural, for the changeling to have his back pressed up against a tree, and it was way warmer inside the alternate realm than outside in the icy frozen forests of Otherworlde. His feet were hardly even cold! And the sky was lovely.

    He had been told that the alternate realm would constantly change itself, and it was interesting to watch it happen in person. The way the sky would dissolve into itself and warp, one moon appearing, then two, then a third, before the other two melted away, or the stars began to meld together and become glowing clouds hanging high in the sky… It was distracting, and he appreciated the distraction. The taste of blood in his mouth really made him want to vomit, and he was sticky all over with the warm wet fluid, and it made his skin crawl.

    And he was still hungry.

    But he wasn’t sick! No way.

    Theon clawed at the hard ground with his blunt nails, pupils blown entirely and eyes black as he stared into the sky, desperate and scared and panicked. He didn’t even feel the sensation of the dirt under his fingers, or the cool breeze pushing his hair around, or the flow and ebb of the magic of the world around him.


    And the only thing he was able to feel, he tried his hardest to ignore. Because the sickness had to go away eventually, right? Not that he was sick, of course. He would continue to go along his days like normal, because he was Theon and nothing would stop him from having fun and laughing and hanging out with his friends and t̹̹͍̺̿̽̂̎ȁ̧͕͇̠̊̏͂s̻̬̝̀́́͝ͅt̞̼̦̦͛̊́͠į̥̫̆̈͂̆͜ņ̲̙̐̉͒͜͝g̺̳͍̼̀̓́̚ ̹̻̟̻̑̿͘͝t̹̭̭̝̍͛̌̃ḧ͇̦̯͓́͌̎͠ẻ͙̺͎̼͂̇́i͉͈̱͈̓̈͆̎r̤̼̱̻̃̀̾͝ ̡̛̫̥̩̾̔͋W̼̻͓̦̐͋̀̚A͖͕͈͋͐̍̏ͅR̡͇͈̻̈́͊͌̅M̨͎̭̜̈́̋͐͘ ̥̘̩̱̓̀̀͆H̢͚̰̟́̒̽̉O̥̗̜͓͐̈́̔̇T̢̺͔͇̊͊̋̕ ͍̲̖̟̊̏̆͠B̨̨͔̭͌̉̄̌L̖̣͍̆̄̃̕ͅÒ̻͕̣̤̈́̈́͘Ŏ̗̭͇̘̈́̍̚D̫̟̬̱͆̀͆̑ ͖͖̯̝͊̃͊̍I͙̮̣͓͒̃͊̕N̪̝̠̩͌̽͋͑ ̮͈͈̲̒̊̂̒H̞̰̪̓̈̿͌ͅI̡̲̰̠͂̈͗͝S̡̧̹̻̄̑̋̚ ̗͙̭̬̅̀͘̚M̢̧̝̼͐͂̐͘O̠̹̣̔̔́̕ͅU͚̠̺͎͑̐̈́̀T̯̙̜͈̆̈̃̀Ȟ̙͎͓͎̉̌̓ A̻͕̗͚̠̙̠̬̘̙̯̗̿̃̊̿̇̉͋̑̅͆͗̆N̨̠̯͚̟̼̠̞̜̗̫̗̽̋̎̅͊͋̔̂̚̚͘͝D͉̼͙̭̥̣͇̗̮̤̦̘̓̿̀̀̓̐͊͌̋̿͝͝ ̹͔̙͕̩̥̗̯̥̮͇̜͂̂̾͒͒̃͐̏̐̐͝͝R̨̘̳̺͔̝̩̘̝̣͕͖͑̈̆̈́̽͒̃̑̌̄̅͝Ị̡̢͈̞̞̘̫̝̭͆͒͑̉̊͗̇̄̕̕͜͝͝ͅP̡͚̟̠̪̦͇̼͇͔̜̪̂͂́̓͊̈́̾̈̑͐̾͘Ṗ̨͓͚͚̩̮͙̯̞͔͙͈̓̿̓̀̂̏͑̈̓͐͠Į͉̦̼͔̤̠̩̪̮͋͌͂́͊̓͆͒̀͂̚͝ͅͅŅ̢̢̫̯̱͎̖̞̹̬͐̈́̃̄̒̋̅͆̈́͒͋̕͜G̨̯̼̝̟̩͙͖̲̰̪̥͊̑̊̾̈́̆͗̈́̿̔̓̕ ̨͖͍̦͉͉̖͈̣̣͖̩̾̋͊̌̄̿̎͋͐͘̕͝T̡̧͖̻̣̼̞̝̟̪̹̩͒̂̾̅͆͋̉̈́̐̽̓͐H̟̹̠̣͙̫̮̼̗̹͆͌̌̀̑̊́̆̽̀́͠ͅͅĖ͙̲̳̝̯̥͚̪̰͉͗̂͑̍̒͑̋̊̎͜͝͝ͅI̢̛̺̦̞̻͓̘̳͈͙̳̘͛͑̀͒̅̍̇͛͛͑̕R̥͚͉̱̭̼̺̻̘̖̅̀̈́̌̍̏̈́͂̀̈́͊̚͜͜ ̨̢̜̻̬̺̻̣̥̰̫͑̂̈́͆̉̽̅̒̕͠͠ͅS̨̢̢͚͔̗̻̙̙̰̺̙̄͊̽̃̿͋̄̓̏̉̐͝K͙̼̲̰̗͎̬͚̲̭̮͉̀̃̔̒̐͂̎͗̒̃̈́̕Í̢̢̞̠̖̞͕̺̟̺̩͕̒̄͌̐̂̍̐̾̔͂̽Ǹ̨̩̪̯̩̩̩͎̣̺̟̓͒̿̀̐̒̏̿̓͘͜͝ ̧̛̛͉̮̻̜̰̝̗̭͙̺̗̋̊̌̓͂̈́́̕͠͝Á̡̰͔̳̦̝̪̝͙̝̘̲́́̈́̅̈́́̿̀̑̚̚P̡͖͔̝̺̥̬̲͇̌̾̓̒̇͒̃̋̂̌͋̌͜ͅͅA̛͈̼̥̣̣̻̝̞̹͔͈̝͒̌͛̓̓͐̈́̏̈̾͋R̺̠̬̘͇̠͎̬̱͕̄͒̒́̉̈́͗̊̈̃͂̚͜͜T̡̛̜͎̹̮̯͖̘̳̭͚̻́̓́̂̈́͊̐͆̾̇͘ ̨̣͍̰̝̣̻͚̫̟̱̔̌͊̔͛̓̉͊͊̊̊͜͝Ŵ̧̖̮͈͎͓̯͚̰̰̘̑̉̌̓͒̈́̏̾̕͘͠ͅI̡̧̛̗̖̱̬͖͍̬̟͕͇͋͂̀͂̏̔̐̇̆͆̔T̜̪̥͖̞̞͍̥̱̖͙̃̈́̈́̓̍͊̄̃̈́̾̌͘͜H̝̮̫̭͇̳̘̮̗̻̜̋͐͛͛̐͐̏̾͑̈́͠͝ͅ ̨̛̩̠̘͍̰̟̮͕͈͍̲̅͆̓̈́̌̽̉͋̾̚̚H̡̧̢̨̛͕͚͚͓̩̟̙͎̏͋͆̔͐̿̋̃̈́͝͝Į̮̜͚̺̳͍̲̜͍̝̭̎̓̀͗̉͂̓̽̒̕̕͝S̡̮̬̥̟̠͚̖̟̖̤͙̏͂͋̋́̾̍͌̀́̾͘ ̡̺̭̲͚̩̯̹̗̹̝̖͌͌̋͋̾̾̃͗͛͋̈͝T̪̳̝̟̳̩̱̺̖̲͔̗̆̉̓̐̈́̄̀̽͑͘̕͝É̛̛̹͔̬̜͈͎̣̩̗͈͍̹̄̋͂͐̔̀̐̚̚Ê̢͇̱̰͙̜͇̬͙͎̰͔̅̎̏̽̔̂̾̋͆͝͠T̳̖̭̟̪͍͕̹͈͔͍͚͌̌̎̋̄̈́͑͋͆̅̕͝Ḩ̧̰̝̣͙̘͍̪̪͎̈́̔͋̈̿̾̈́͐̀͆̾͜͝ ̡̢̙̘̪̙͙̳̭͈̝͌̑̊̈́̈́̀͆͛̒́̕͜Ȧ̛̳̫͖̭͖͉̼͈̬̩͎̅́̏͊̈́̏́̈̈̕͜N͔̮͉̪̣͎̗̬̪̮͌̌͒́͊̈́͂̀͊̂̚͠ͅͅD͎͔̙̙͎͍̺͉̳͇̮̊̃͋̒̑̄̈́̌̊̕͜͝͝-̥͙͚͙̻͔͎̤͖͓͍͈͐͆̾̏̈̋̀̔̽͂͌͗-̛̛͕̰̦̫̹̭̖̿̿͋̅̓̊̏̉͘͝

    Theon would feel normal again soon enough, so he wasn't going to worry about it.

    He wasn’t sick.
consumption //start.
What better way to start off the mess with a prose piece, right?
Theon is really fun to write! It's easy to fall into a casual sort of narration with him, and the way he jumps from thought to thought is really enjoyable for me to write. It really is. And beside that, him being a vegetarian, and sick by the smell of blood, and just a kinda peaceful guy (despite his antagonistic nature), and that really made me want to toss him into this event--

Actually, no, he tossed himself into the fray on his own.

I would like to do a bit of drawing and maybe a few more drabbles for The Consumption (Game), but we'll see how it goes. For now, I'll just have fun and continue RPing and watching my poor baby freak out more and more...

Let me know if you'd like to RP for this event! Or collab for pictures, or whatever, I'm feeling the desire to be active for this. There's nothing like emotionally scarring your characters to have a good time, right?


:iconaaah-plz: I forgot Malaya!! Damnit! We weren't far enough into the RP for me to get a good grasp on where it was going, sob, I am sorry about that, I did not mean to exclude her blubblub--
I will probably proof read and do an edit on this, too, to make sure it has the flow I want and whatnot, but I am pretty happy with it right now so I won't rush to do that. 


The boys in order of appearance-
OW - Theon (Timmy) / mine :heart:
Sol Four Jen Eight  / erzanightshade
Otherworlde Application - Koba  / Piyos-Adoptables
[OW] Application- Zee  / Wasthatyourcake24
OW: Sinclair Year 2 / viralremix



word count - 1687


My other pieces for this event:

consumption //RP: kiss bite gag. (this involves Theon infecting Zee whoops)
consumption //bluhhh.


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