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About Chris

(definitely on a kinda-hiatus-of-sorts)

21 / she/her pronouns / pan

I am a young adult that enjoys coffee, long walks on the beach swapmeet, writing, reading, and RPing. I art, I read fanfiction, I lurk.

I enjoy listening to people talk about themselves, I like hearing people's stories, and I like to flirt. I am also varying levels of hella queer. Respect is really important to me, and it never hurts to be polite! I have low-energy sometimes and might be a bit quiet, and I sometimes tend to get sad and listless when it's late at night, but I will be friendly, so don't be shyyy, say hi!

I really am inspired by seeing people with different art styles, and writing, and characters, and pretty much just anything? I have a special spot in my heart for kinda-guro things (not too much cause I'm a big baby), beautiful women (ie all women), monster characters that anguish over their own humanity, anthro-y-things-kinda-weep, magic, the undead. Dark things that are well developed?? Also, just, cute people and things? Variety is the spice of life.

Current active OCs are:
:heart:-Brunhilde / OtherWorlde
:heart:-Theon / OtherWorlde
:heart:-Razik / OtherWorlde
-Frankie for SAINTHOLLOW technically kinda anyways

-I have some other babies too if you're looking for other stuff but they're mostly on hiatus (until the end of time / I find a place to re-purpose them), and I am always down to make new OCs for one-on-ones.

Feel free to snoop around :heart:




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United States
my life is a giant sloppy mess and I'm trying to stay cool one day at a time B) sorry if I lag on any responses or comments, feel free to double-message me if you need me to get my butt in gear
:iconmolangloveplz: don't be shy, feel free to say hi, I don't bite!
If I watched you! Or fav'd your piece! It's probably because it's amazing. Thanks aren't necessary but if you want me to dote on you, then by all means, go ahead.
(or use it as an excuse to strike up conversation with me, you know you wanna)
thanks and please enjoy your stay

(y también sí puedo tratar de hablar español si te quieres)


Hey so it looks like I'm getting close to 22,222 pageviews! I love repeating numbers, so in honor of it, I'll do a kiriban. Whoever catches it can request whatever they want! 
I'll say yes to most things so don't worry about scaring me. 
so what if I have other things I need to be doing
look at all the repeating 2's
Suave charming vamp by Yekrutslover
Suave charming vamp
So Rose is a marvelous character, and he's attractive, this is pretty well established??

But coloring him made me fall in love with him a trillion times over, holy cow, holy cowwww :iconaaah-plz: ROSE. YOU'RE REALLY HOT?

I think I might be physically incapable of drawing without Brunnie sneaking her way into things, but I wanted to try some various colors on her, and there were uhhh... Some of these doodles were taken from pictures / mini-comics that I have no intention of finishing. Maybe one that was NSFW okay don't judge me.

But anyways!!! So happy belated b-day, Michi!!! I had most of these already doodled up before your birthday was anywhere near here, so I figured I would finish them up a bit and color them to make them nice and to show you some appreciation :heart: Welcome to being old. 
just kidding.

OW: Rose DuLace's Application is Ra-Punzelle's beautiful babe
OW App - Brunhilde is mine

//bluhhh. original by Yekrutslover
//bluhhh. original
consumption //bluhhh. by Yekrutslover
Yaaay I finally scanned the original version of this, seriously tho, shame on me
I'll probably scrap this in a bit, but there are a few details in this that's lost in the other one. I really do prefer the edits of the other but this is unedited.

(I should probably be doing other stuff but whatever)
ZUHAIR MURAD 2015 - a la Brun 2 by Yekrutslover
ZUHAIR MURAD 2015 - a la Brun 2
I told you there would be more :iconpapmingplz:
set 1: ZUHAIR MURAD 2015 - a la Brun by Yekrutslover… this post on tumblr has some of the most beautiful dresses ever and I
Need practice so I used these designs as practice
by drawing Brun into them
and butchering said designs

I had a better time with this set than the last because hallelujah! Colors! And yellow is one of my favorites ahhh! I might have added some yellow into the designs where they were white before but whatever, I'm happy with it this way
(also jesus I love legs and Brun has such a nice pair of legs, weepsss)
(The yellow shirt/skirt combo is probably my favorite outfit of the whole lot so far, and Brun's favorite too, ewe)

I have a trillion things I could be doing besides this but
expect more of these
((I'll probably scrap this one later too, or stick them on a big compilation if end up doing a bunch of them, we'll see))


dresses from the ZUHAIR MURAD Spring/Summer RTW 2015
Not my poses, not my designs, I just shoved Brun's face on them because she wanted to ok
# yolo
ZUHAIR MURAD 2015 - a la Brun by Yekrutslover
ZUHAIR MURAD 2015 - a la Brun
set 2: ZUHAIR MURAD 2015 - a la Brun 2 by… this post on tumblr has some of the most beautiful dresses ever and I

couldn't help but draw Brunhilde into the dresses?? I need to practice clothes and faces and poses anyways
also I hate shading white
these are quick and sloppy but practice makes perfect (IE I want to be fast and good but let's just settle for one thing at a time)

I have a trillion things I could be doing besides this but
expect more of these
((I'm going to scrap this soon I think))


dresses from the ZUHAIR MURAD Spring/Summer RTW 2015
I just kinda botched the designs horribly and stuck Brun's face on them
# yolo


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